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October 25, 2009


The Blog, The Swordmobile, and Family The Blue

A car so scary, it might actually make it through NYC traffic.

(Thanks to Meanie the Blue for the photo of the Blue Daughter)


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Epic awesome.

Hooray for MTB and daughter! The apple doesn't fall far, eh?

Wooooohoooooo, I checked the schedule again and saw Minnesota Nov 5!!!!! I'll be there, with red hair!!

With creatures like that in the back seat, you can use the carpool lane.

Please make it the Red Balloon Bookstore -- 3 blocks from my house!

Thank you, judi, Dave and Ridley (shutterbug for the top photo)!

Actually, the character in the back seat of the Swordmobile is depicting the average New York taxi rider.

[See previous post for remarks about Jim Dale and the whole event, which was wonderful].

It goes without saying, butt I'll say it anyway; Meanie's home videos are Blue Movies.

And everybody is dressed in blue! Thanks for the pics, Blue family.

Good to see MTB and Daughter TB!

Well now that mtb is famous there won't be any talking to him! Great pictures meanie. The Blue Daughter is very cute. (mtb isn't bad either but don't tell him I said that) I'm guessing since everyone is bundled up that it's chilly in New York? I'll bet Dave never thought he'd be standing in New York City wearing a pirate hat.

It was a gorgeous Northeast fall day, nc. Sunny, mid-60's, one of those warm-in-the-sun-cool-in-the-shade kind of days. Jackets on, but unbuttoned/unzipped (except for my renegade daughter, of course).

Dave has no hesitation about wearing the hat anywhere. And in NYC you can wear anything (or nothing) and hardly be noticed.

**waves at MtB & DtB**

**blushes and waves at The Blog**

Interesting that Dave has booked his NY strumpdate just in time to see the Yankees clinch the AL pennant tonight.

Meanie,you and the kid are great.What a fun moment....

Something tells me that Dave's not coming back to ND after the sewage pump station naming in Grand Forks....and I don't blame him.

From the Evil B.

Annie, I asked Dave whether he had plans to attend the game, and I got the quickest and briefest "No" I have ever received.

(Unless you count dating.)

*Also, waves @ nannie*

It was a gorgeous Northeast fall day, nc. Sunny, mid-60's, one of those warm-in-the-sun-cool-in-the-shade kind of days.

What Meanie said is precisely 1005 accurate.

And great pics, Blue family.

I found out a long time ago that Dave has an irrational hatred is not a Yankee fan, Meanie.

Too bad, because it would be very cool to drive up to the Stadium in that car.

Also 100%.

Meanie, cool that you dared to ask him. I knew about his bizarre distaste for the best team in baseball, but I figure maybe Stephen King, avid, evil fan of the shiftless, recalcitrant Red Sux, got to him during an RBR concert. I'd check Dave's neck for bite marks, butt I'm not that kind of girl.

Hats off (or on, in Dave's case) to the cutest darn Blue Meanies in NYC. Great pix! Great car! Why aren;t the Cubs in the... oh, yeah, I remember.

Great pictures, Meanie!! It's great to see that you're brainwashing teaching your daughter about Dave & boogersimportant issues.

Btw, Dave & Boogers WBAGNFA sports bar for really really immature guys.

I believe my daughter could probably teach Dave a few things about boogers, actually, but that's a subject that I would rather not dig into discuss here.

Way to go, Meanie the Famous and adorable progeny!

Meanie don't look so mean.

dave simply has the good taste to dislike the yankers, like everyone else who has a good heart, annie. oh sorry! ;)

Great pictures, Meanie and Mini-Meanie! Oh, and you too, Dave. See you in four days! Bwah ha ha ha...

yay meanie!! glad you alls had a great time!!

*swallows hard, grits teeth & becomes overnight phillies fan*

*Joins trustf8 in switching brief Angels fandom to Phillies fandom*

Sheesh, judi, after I posted that lovely kiltmeat photo for you.... ;)

They're (not their) just jealous, ANnie.

Jeff, well, . . .yes.

Nobody in the South likes the Yankees. Wait, what?... No, they can't be talking about baseball. Baseball ends its season in mid-September, and the World Series is played the first week in October. No Rockies fans having to wear arctic parkas like Packers or Bills fans. No 4th game of the World Series being played in freakin' NOVEMBER!!

Very LTTG, but EXCELLENT photos, Family Blue!! Dave obviously wore a shirt just in your honor. :-D

Fun stuff!

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