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October 30, 2009


Sword naperville gang 
(Clockwise from top left: Cat R., Bernard Scooper, Not My Usual Alias, Scrat R., Snap R., Dances.With.Vowels, Ridley, and Dave.)

BLOGKEEPING NOTE FROM THE S.B.: Not to seem ungrateful or anything, but can ya'll please shrink your photos a bit before you send 'em in? It's a shame to delete such dorky fine shots, but there's just not room in the mailbox for so many multi-MB photos.


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ACK!! judi! I broked the blog!!

ACK!! judi! I broked the blog!!


Somebody's getting a spanking. And not a recreational one...

I blame the squirrel people

Cat R, Bernard Scooper, Not My Usual Alias, Kittens One and Two, Dances With Vowels and the two Daves.

I think the i/y thing is what broke the blog.

Hmmm...a spanking??


Doin' a bit of the boozin' a little early for the Holiday are ya Siouxie???
; )

You leave Siouxie alone. She's doing just fine...

All the lines running rampant should tie the machete down nicely.

Nice pic of the Chicago Furries, BTW.

Please forgive the implication, but there appear to be some mighty big squirrel tails that are not showing up very well in the photo.

Are there any photos that show the, um, tails a little better?

At least, they'd better be squirrel tails.....

Brian, I swear I hit "preview" but it posted!! I think Typepoop is messing with me.

**imagine a deep, echoing voice**

Move away from the TypeForce Siouxie...
You can do it yourself...

But yes, the "post" and "preview" buttons have swapped positions.

A motley crew if ever there was.

and spelled judi wrong... hmm. can dave be fired?

*waves at the Naperblogits!!*

*waves a little extra at Cat and dances cuz I've met them before*

You guys look furry silly great!!!

*wonder how fast Siouxie would smack me if I broke the blog like that - ducks anyway*

Dave, you look stunned and who could blame you given that crew?

Nice group!


this fast? ;-P

So that 20 megapixel image of Dave and Ridley photoshopped onto the Black Pearl is a no go?

> all together now < - - Yes, Miss Judi.

The foto is kinda smallish, but my old eyes sorta make me think those aren't really tails ... and p'haps the ones in the middle are tailless squirrels?

At any rate, the so-called "tails" in view might merely be an indicator that some of them are very happy to see Dave and Ridley ... iykwim ... aisyd ...

Uh-oh. I think some bloglits may be getting fired....

I've already fired myself, Meanie.

That's either a HUGE-ass tail or Dances is REALLY REALLY happy to see Dave & Ridley (IYKWIM)

I've already fired myself, Meanie.

That's either a HUGE-ass tail or Dances is REALLY REALLY happy to see Dave & Ridley (IYKWIM)

Damnit, Typecrap!

Also, I believe that a rogue squirrel has attached itself to Ridley's head.

"Rogue Squirrels" WBAGNFA Naperville RB.

Naperville bloglit squirrel terrorism FTW!

Thanks, judi with an i!!

I was the only squirrel who didn't have a tail. I was a designated driver. Dances was a pirate with a tail and ears.

I'm blaming my spellchecker for the i/y. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I blame myself for the blog problems. I kicked it twice yesterday and I believe I got it in the motherboard. Sorry Mr.Blog.

Squirrel suits? What squirrel suits, Officer?

And, by the way, the Naperville bloglits, tail or no tail, ROCK!

Aren't there supposed to be kids at these events?

That's not Judi with a silent K?

BTW, any fellow bloglits from the Twin Cities planning to attend next week? Send me a photo -- (don't tell Dave).... tashnicp@yahoo

Arrrrrrghhh. I am GOING to MPLS, only one week later....*sobs*


Hey Naperville folks -- Road Trip? We could implement next year's proposal really, really early.

When are you going to Meg Ryan's bookstore ?

Some tails can be seen here,




LOL those are great, Cat!!

Very prominent nice tails, you guys (meant in the most complimentary way, of course). Thanks, Cat, for posting photos that showed them.

On a tangential note, wherein I will now foreshadow that it is connected to the original topic, I just got back from seeing Where The Wild Things Are with my daughter (she of Swordmobile mugging fame). While my daughter thought it was excellent, I found myself wrestling with a rather unique take on it that only the denizens of this blog will understand. The more I tried to focus on the story that I had read, quite loudly, a hundred times to my kids when they were younger, the more my thoughts ended up returning to .... the Naperville bloglits.

MTB, we Naperville bloglit squirrels are honored to haunt your thoughts. Now guess which squirrel is blind, didn't have a white cane in hand at the time, and got trapped by the paying customers at the booksigning table face to face with the Authors for several minutes, seriously creeping them out.

Would that be you Bernard? Funny story. Thanks for posting squirrel tales.

Tails look suspiciously like Walter in a parka. Suits look suspiciously snuggyish. Squirrel Snuggies, WBAGNFARB.

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