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October 29, 2009


(Thanks to Jason Ulrich, Anthony C., and Jeff Kleinman)


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Ya gotta wonder exactly why a homeless dude was stealing a ferret in the first place. Maybe his hand puppet wasn't speaking to him anymore??

Maybe ferret-a-la-king??

Maybe he couldn't find any potatos.

Anyone seen Richard Gere lately??

So he was arrested for"...battery using a special weapon." That sounds like an invitation for a good lawyer to help him weasel out of that charge.

You would think a man would have enough sense to not put something that is angry and has sharp teeth down his pants. IMHO you're just asking for it if you do that.

My wife used to have a pet ferret, and from it I learned that ferrets like to bite your extremities. And they have very sharp teeth. You put one down your pants, and...well, it's gonna get ugly.

dont come cryin to us if he bites yer willie, dumba$$

Why pick on me? That lady's got a beaver in there.....

The ferret, which sells for $129, was not injured.
Good. It should've bit his naughty bits after he shoved it down his pants, however.

Perhaps he was just trying to clean the sand from his shorts.

I wonder how the guy is doing that had the incident with the sand in his shorts? I'm a worrier.

The alert pet store's patron took note,
that the pauper's shorts had a strange bloat.
The perp was restrained,
and next was arraigned
for battery with a hot stoat!

Good thing he took it out of his pants so the police wouldn't have to ferret out the ferret.

The most astonishing part of the article, to me, is that ferrets cost $129.00.

See, I really need to know who got bit.

"After a confrontation and tussle, the man shoved the ferret in the teen’s face squeezing it. The ferret bit him, leaving two puncture holes in his ear."

Did the man squeeze the ferret, or the teen's face ? The ferret bit the man or the teen ? I'm so confused.

I had a pair ferrets for awhile... they're really amusing little critters, but they do have really sharp teeth... I certainly would not recommend one carry them in one's pants...

OK, that'll be one vasectomy and a circumcision at one low price. Will that be Visa or MasterCard? Sir? Sir?
Where'd he go?

Used to be a betting game for drunk people in the olden days. Two guys tie off their cuffs at the ankles, drop a couple of ferrets or weasels inside their pants and stand there until one of them gives in and pulls off his pants to get away from the sharp-clawed frenzy. Historically, the first guy to do that loses but I'm not so sure.

Actually, it goes on all the time at "Scottish games" and "celtic Festivals". I saw one last week in Richmond VA. Volunteers put on sweat pants (and naught else) and stuff ferrets down trou. Alcohol is definitely involved.

Ferret legging video

Wow, Wally. Just .... wow. The alcohol is involved to compensate for enable haggis consumption. Ferret trou-ing is probably just a side-effect.

I think he'll walk

uh, that's not a pitolin my pocket...


Sorry to be Mr. Sensitive but, ferret are great pets for the right person(s). When people go on about them biting, it always annoys me.

ALL ANIMALS CAN BITE, and do if they feel threatened (or overly playful).

Ferrets just surprise people because if they do decide they need to bite, they are fast and can clamped down pretty hard for such a little critter.

Hey Roger - did you see the video I linked? Those cute little guys did not bite, even though under extreme provocation. The Richmond event is sponsored by the local ferret rescue group, so it is well-supervised and quite pro-ferret.

(Wally aka hpoulter)

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