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October 21, 2009


British Airways cancelled a flight between Edinburgh and London after a passenger said he saw a tarantula crawling between his legs.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Isn't the "Tarantula" one of the other waxing options if you decide you don't want the "Brazilian"?

I think that's the non-waxing option.

A Scotsman saw something hairy between his legs after he sat down..
His first time wearing a kilt?

Little Wallace, who did not want to visit his grandparents, left the plane smiling and carrying a box.

The DTs have been known to cause spider hallucinations.

Did the passenger shout, " get off of me, GET OFF OF ME, someone help me get rid of this...."

Not that I have any direct experience in these matters.

It must be asked: where was Sam Jackson?

Possibly related news of the spider variety.

"I have had it with these Mother-fing Scots on this Mother-fing plane! Spiders too!"

Itsy bitsy spider ran up the man spout....
Big, baby.

Tarantula, shmarantula! You should see some of the stuff crawling around here in Arizona, especially the scorpions that are on the rise.

Cindy, NO!! *smack!*

Allen, don't make me go see this guy.

I TOTALLY sympathize with the man. I almost passed out after what I thought was a tarantula with an eye the size of a meatball crawled up my trousers and set up home in my joy department!

(ref: Red Dwarf)

I agree with Cheesewiz: is that a tarantula between your legs or are you tripping?


If he sees a tarantula between his legs...he's gonna need a little more waxing (iycmd).

" Check your bug, sir ? "

This is one of the few places where I would find a tarantula to be potentially dangerous. They have nearly as much hair on their rear ends as the typical American couch potato. If they (the spider) get scared, they brush this hair off into the air. It can cause intense itching, sneezing, and potential temporary blindness if it gets in the eyes. This could be a problem for a pilot.
The spider in the picture is beautiful. That's how I pick them up.

*SNORKS! @ jon & NotSherly*

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