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October 26, 2009


Bestselling crime author and New Jersey resident Harlan Coben admires the Swordmobile.



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Harlan Coben!!! He's my 3rd favorite author after Dave and Ridley!!!!

"...crime author and New Jersey resident..."

Are we surprised?

I'll be impressed when you meet bestselling crime author and New York resident Richard Castle...

But, he's not even looking at it.

Looks like Dave woke Harlan (who was in Indianapolis with all the other "best-selling crime novelists, other than Dave & Ridley, last week).

Did he pose for that scary face drawing on the swordmobile??

What we call crime writing everywhere else is known in New Jersey as simply "non-fiction".

So we got two guys from Florida driving a van with California dealer tags in New Jersey.

Nope. Nothing suspicious here.

Siouxie, I was going to say the same thing! they could be twins!

Does Harlan get to join the RBR's now?

I wanna know who's brave enough to grab that door handle.

Steve: Indeed.

*sighs at the thought of Nathan Fillion*

Nathan Fillion!

Dang, false alarm.
*goes back to work*

It looks like they found Harlan asleep on the shoulder as Ridley got them lost in the Garden State.


Bet his publisher never provided him with a cool car like that.

Harlan Coben is HAWT! (Love his Myron Bolitar series!) And dang it, Jeff, I missed the whole shebang in Indy last week. Does the group have a website you can join to get updates? I was a faithful follower of the St. Pete Times Reading Festival down home, and I need more outlets for my inner-reading-geek. P.S. Love you too, Dave and Ridley!

Are we going to get to see the car in Naperville? Alternatively, can I get the cool pictures on a 1991 Honda Accord? I need something to cover a little bit of rust.

Oh be still my heart..one of my favorite authors..
I knew I should have been coming over here..sigh*..

NMUA - if you get hold of my cousin Dave at the Signs Now store in Naper (I think it's in Naper) he can do that for you. He might even give you the friends and family upcharge discount.

You realize, of course, that you're not that far from Hohokus.

I think Mr. Coben is cute. Just my opinion of course. I also like his books.

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