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October 28, 2009


This explains a lot.


(Taken today by Andy the Tropichunt.com guy)


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I don't see anything wrong with this picture.

will juggle for food?

So Andy - nice self portrait. Did you use the timer or did someone take your picture for you?

*pssst Siouxie* Its the red light, the cars apparently have stopped for it...or sumthing

And speaking of clowns in traffic, this guy belongs with the two nimrods from Iowa.

My hair may be red, but it's not that red. And I'm not a clown in traffic. When people see me, they say "Wow, look at that idiot go!"

This was a simple misunderstanding. He thought he was meant to be in Mime-y traffic.


Clownese fire drill.

"Give me a dollar, or your windshield gets cream-pied!"

Rollerblading Bozo wbagnfarb.

I thought Hillary was in Pakastan.

No wonder people in Florida have trouble driving. Your stoplights are sideways. Who can see that?

Somewhere at that intersection is a car with only 19 occupants.

And Cindy, the horizontal lights are aerodynamic in hurricanes, that way they remain up and flashing as we ignore them.

"Hello, Ringling Bros? One of your clowns has escaped and is heading eastbound on Rte 34."

Steers of a clown . . .

Times ARE tough when Pennywise is out looking for a victim gig.

Aren't the clowns usually IN the cars in Florida?

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