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October 26, 2009


Lucy and chicken


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Ahhhh, poor puppy dog. Hurry home Dave. Or maybe you can take her on the road with you so that you have a guard dog to protect the Strump mobile while you're giving your talks.

I think that chicken may have crossed the road a few times too many.

Gooooooood dog!

I wanna see her lift the cow toy.

Aww, good doggy.

But where's her Halloween costume?

Aww, good doggy.

But where's her Halloween costume?

Lucy's such a good doggie!

She can't wait to give you the chicken, it's her current mission in life.

Lucy's song

I think i see jesus on lucy's chest

Nice blue rug, Lucy.

I see she has her suitcase all packed and ready to go for the road trip. Can she join you if she promises to pee in a 1 Quart Clear Plastic Re-sealable bag?

Lucy and Her Chicken would be a good title for the first book of a new children's book series.

Do we know anyone who writes books?

lucy in the sky with chicken??

never mind.

Lucy And Her Chicken wbagnfa Stephen King childrens book. Parents could ask their children, " Do you want to go to bed now or do you want me to read a chapter of Lucy And Her Chicken to you?"

That's a chicken?

And wiredog, how unkind. You know Lucy doesn't wear a rug - she still has all her fur!

Diva, I figured the rug she was standing on was hers.

She is REALLY a cute dog!

Poor Lucy. I'd bring her royal highness the queen of Sheba lady ms. Grendel over to visit, but there's that whole 1500 miles of driving to consider. Her highness is nonetheless disappointed in my shoddy service.

No longer a cone head, but where's her tail?


Are you sure it's not the chicken's dog??

Nice, Lucy. Stay. Daddy will be home when someone buys a book.

Someone needs a new chicken.

"Lucy! Off of the couch!"

Is the dog chokin' the chicken?

Another puppy missing his master.

Looks like Lucy obeys the first Dog Law: I must eat anything given to me by my Master.
I gave my daughter's dogs a single anchovy each. It was a strain but in the end they were both law abiding dogs. Not happy, just obedient (and thirsty).
That chicken is not edible.

No, no jesus isn't ther you id'ed the wrong part of the dog

tosses e up to ther

No greater love hath a lab than for her chicken... except perhaps for her Dad. Did Lucy get to meet Wally?

Do you know her mix? I just took in a 3 mo old male puppy with the same markings. I know he's part Black Lab, but not sure if he's a boxer or pit mix. White chest and white tips on the feet are very very similar tho

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