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October 20, 2009


A WOMAN is seeking a divorce after she found out that her husband had nicknamed her "Guantanamo" on his mobile phone.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He should let her go.

With this recession, I've already lost half my net wealth, and I still have my wife!

"Honey, it's because I feel so safe and secure in your embrace that I never want to escape your razor wire perimeter... wait, let me start over."

Affectionate huh??

"Sure honey...now let me waterboard you...cuz I love you so."

I declare jihad on you, baby! A jihad of lurve.


So let me see if I understand this: she's deeply offended to the point of divorce because of the name, but for a "considerable cash settlement" she'll stay married to him?

I'll take the box, Monty.

I'm a woman and even I wouldn't stay with someone that would suggest they would stay with me if I gave them a substantial cash payment. I'm thinking there is more than this breaking up this marriage.
For some reason I suddenly feel like Dear Abby.

Thanks for my earworm of the day.

Calling her Gitmo would have been much more romantic...

Obviously, she CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

*checks wife's cell phone*

Does anyone what "gelding" means?

Allen - I'm thinking now it's Gitno.

I'm no rocket surgeon, but even I know better than to leave my cell phone where my wife can find it!

I got off easier because my Ex's maiden name was Warden.

She was used to Ballandchain.

Well you should always ketives at 'bay' shouldn't you?

Well you should always keep your close relatives at 'bay', shouldn't you?

Better than Bitchenstein.

Loudmouth I love it! Bitchenstein. That would also be a good name for some co-workers.

If he goes for the settlement option, he'll change her nickname to "Pricey Whoooooore"

Last commenter on the Daily Telegraph page said he had "Nagopotumus" on his brides wedding reception place card.
Brave, very brave. Mere mortals salute you sir!

The crisis!

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