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October 21, 2009


CHEYENNE -- A local man has been charged in federal court with counterfeiting money, allegedly to pay an exotic dancer for a private session at a motel.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)

US internet company Yahoo! has apologised to Taiwanese clients over a lap dance show organised during a brainstorming meeting for internet engineers in Taipei over the weekend.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)

Brainstorming, eh?


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Brainstorming, eh?

Yep. Gotta get your head into it.

Brainstorming for the little brain.

In this day and age, they should expect there to be female engineers at the event, too. Someone wasn't thinking.

What else is there to say, but YAHOO!!

Sure they were, Elon. They were thinking that if they were lucky they might see some hot girl dancer on girl engineer action. Just sayin'.

I hope that first guy took some pointers from the lap dancer. That would serve him well where he's going.

Wrong brain, Dave.

If Obama can print Billion dollar bills, why can't this poor sap print a few 50's?

Fake money for what probably were fake b**bs and fake interest by the fake dancers. So what's the problem?

Venerable Granddaughter??

From the first story: According to the documents, Kempter told investigators he planned to go home and pay with real money, but none was found at his residence.

When a citizen prints funny money with nothing to back it up, it means prison. When the government does the same thing, we call it "The Federal Reserve".

Braniff beat me to it.

Chick takes over the company and no more lap dances at conventions. Bitches.

*SMACKS* bonmot.

Internet engineers are only used to porn, so a live performance would naturally upset them.

Fake Breasts - $5,000
Callogen Injected into lips - $800
Colored contacts - $250
Hair Extensions - $150
Spray-on tan - $40
Counterfeit bills slid into G-string - PriceValueless!

I thought blog rules prevented us from mentioning names like Swisher...

Diva, hold bonmot for me because I'm going to *SMACK* him again! Would some blog guy please explain to me exactly what you get out of a lap dance done by some strange woman? I don't get it.

Cindy, in strictly financial terms, we get "interest" from a lap dance, whether the woman is strange or otherwise.

However, since Yahoo had to apologize, we are forced to conclude these dancers were remarkably unskilled. This calls for further investigative journalism, and I'll make that sacrifice later this afternoon. For the Blog, you understand...

Sharkie! You brokeded the Blog!

Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sharkie did it!

My fault. I was giving Sharkie a lap dance.

I heard that Yahoo is especially embarrassed because they actually ordered TAP dancers.

Actually, it was supposed to be a cross-cultural event; what they wanted was Lapp dancing.

She's really got algorithm.

You know what they call girls who use the algorithm method ...

Kempter's attorney, Mark E. Macy, declined to comment, saying he has not had much time to speak with his client.

That is, of course, assuming his client has the intellectual capacity for speech.

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