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October 19, 2009


Now: an Ikea bathroom door.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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They truly found the Godhead!

My vote's for Gandolf. Or that squid pirate dude.

alf not olf.

Why does he have eyes in his tummy?

BFF, looks more like a goiter to me.

Gandolf was my first thought. Or Treebeard.

Sioux- What?

I see Odin. Or Santa Claus


Yeah, I don't remember Jesus being that jowly. He was a Lean Mean Redeemin' Machine.

Before 33AD, whose face did we see in everything ?

jesus has a spotted face?? p'raps its the chicken pox

Key quote: "I was only heading to the toilet and found God."

I remember talking to God quite a few times in toilet, back when I was in the Navy.

Maybe somebody said, "My God! Can you believe this stuff", and he decided to check it out for himself.

But I kind of think he looks like Gandalf, too.

Whoever he is, he's got a really nasty runny nose.

Needs a face lift. Seriously. All those chins.

I agree with the Ikea guy it looks like

Benny Anderson of ABBA

Sioux- Alf not olf? Olfred the Great!

I still see Odin. The old Germanic view of him.

The weird part is that I am enjoying it.

I thought Manilow was an orc.

If it's Jesus, he sure is sad -- biffy kinda stinky?

I immediately thought of Non from Superman 2. He was sentenced to live inside a weird space rectangle thing in Superman One. Perhaps he was bad again, and was confined to this bathroom door?


Has anybody noticed the great increase in sightings of President Obama on television and Jesus on virtually everything else? Coincidence or message? (Insert Twilight Zone theme here).

I saw this guy:


ZZ Top?

Alfred - I spelled GandOLF instead of GandALF and realized the error of my ways...

Images and stories like this really do go against the grain.

It's knot Jesus!

It's a great deal at $17.99 but it's hard to get into your car and put it together at home. Plus once you get it installed it keeps changing your water into meatballs.

I don't cedar resemblance.

Jah, come let us a-door heyummmmmmmm, AY-KEEE-YAAAAA.

I do find that any kind of proper reverence eludes me in the face of the hands manipulating those, um, ... chest dials.

Millennium Hand and Shrimp.

Some assembly required.

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