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October 29, 2009




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I'd like to get one of these tattoos on my forehead, but I don't want to mess up my giant black widow spider. It might make me look conspicuous.


Bar cod?

*hair flip*

My tinfoil hat covers it nicely.

i don't know about no cod, but i used get oysters at a bar called the library back home. they would serve 'em in a shot glass... 5 for $5. called 'em "shooters". yep. you just pick up the glass and slug 'em down. someone told me they're still alive when you start chewing on 'em. don't know about that, but they're pretty tasty little critters, i can tell you that.

Anyone got a rolled up newspaper ? There's something crawling across that guy's lip.

Thank goodness I have bangs that will cover any cod's on my forehead.

So a cod walks into a bar...

Shoot, with my forehead, you could put the whole of "War and Peace" up there and have room for an index.


If you go to the "Strumpdate" post, danceswithvowels has a link to the Chicago strumpet. You all should check out the costumes. I knew those people were nuts ;-)



If it's not the mark of the beast, blame it on an active cod.

One word. Idiocracy.

Bar code for the beast.
Welcome to the feast.
The birds will eat your eyes.
The number of demise.
By your stripes you will be seen.
Happy Halloween.

It's all a big scan, if you ask me.

And the Napervillains did a super job - check 'em out!

Is that Kurt Russell/Todd 3465?

I've been waiting for one of those. Won't have to remember my name or address any more.

I'm holding out for the Da Vinci Bar Code.

It's ok, it can't last past 2012.

just think how easy this will make police work!

"due to a malfunction in central scanning, the suspects were identified as a 32oz can of cling peaches, and a penguin classics edition of 'beowulf'. "

Bar code: "No, ma'am, I haven't seen him all night."

one word: meshuggener.

as bill engvall might have it- here's yer sign. oh wait, you already got one.

*snork* at insom and the meanster. Oh heck, and all you guys.

Ralph, I am not a number! I am a free man!

does it come with a side of microchips?

That's sooo 1979. Embedded RFID chips are all the rage with today's kids.

They ought to be required for politicians. After all, aren't most of them for sale?

I really miss The Weekly World News. It was my main source of "real" news, unlike all the phoney networks and daily periodicals. Ummm...except The Miami Herald, of course! Heh-heh...

I wonder how Bat Boy is doing?

There used to be a bar in Raleigh, NC called "He's Not Here."

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