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October 20, 2009


An artist has identified the "McFarthest Spot" -- the place in the continental U.S. that is farthest away from a McDonald's.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It is however, right next to a Starbucks.

I heard they were opening the newest Starbucks -- in the bathroom of a Starbucks!

Ha! Thats funny.

Ah.....ummm...ya know, I'm getting a little hungry.
I feel like a QP w/cheese.

I'm goin' on a Mikey D's run. Anyone want anything??? No, no problem. It's just 38 feet away from my office.
; 0

I'll have a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit, hash browns and coffee, Brian. Thanks!

Our closest one is a mile.

I walk past three on my foot commute. I choose the one that provides a meal and a show for $1.12 with tax.

About half a mile here, Brian. I'll take a sausage biscuit with egg and black coffee.

And they say the internet isn't useful - ha! I reply.

And to prove it, here's where to go to check the maximum Starbucks density.

The highest seems to be in (no surprise!) central London and midtown Manhattan, with several reporting over 160 locations within 5 miles!

We have 14 within 5 miles of our apartment, though one is actually in New Jersey!

We have an intersection in Houston at which three corners are occupied by Starbucks.

Thanks for the Starbucks link Jeff. People will probably not believe this but the closest one to me is 22 miles away. The next closest is 35 miles away. If the Starbucks people are reading this I would like to have one closer. Here in my town, Broad River Coffee Shop is the place to go. It's our version of a Starbucks and makes wonderful scones.

Mickey D's must have the best R&D Section in the entire world. If you like their stuff, and who wouldn't ??...you realize that they must test every menu item a bazillion times before it's put out for sale. Everything looks and tastes exactly the same every time.

Their biscuits.
Oh man....are they not THE BEST???
Obviously not what Grandma or Mom makes, but for a 99ct. biscuit and sausage, dude...they are da bomb!

Cindy, You obviously need to move closer to civilization.

I don't go to McDonalds when I am home because I know what I'll get.

I go to McDonalds when I am traveling because I know what I'll get.

Except for that time in St Thomas......ugh.

bonmot: May I introduce you to Xzibit and the "Yo Dawg" meme? (Which might actually be a good name for Xzibit and his 'posse', not that anyone would ever call it that now.)


Darn. Botblocked.

Is it anything like Wicked Weasel?

Thanks anyway. I'll try to look at it from home tonight.

Wicked Weasel......

; )

I'm almost as lucky as nursecindy; the nearest Starbucks to me is 16 miles and the next nearest is 35 miles. I don't drink coffee, and I've never been in a Starbucks anywhere. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for McD's.

Is it a little ironic that the McDs density lightens mostly in cattle country?

See cindy, I was right, you do live in Mayberry!

NTTAWWT, of course.

I just want to know where is farthest from that creepy King.

The nearest starbucks for me is 49 miles away. In Canada.

I'm in the least densely populated county in New York...

Mickey D's is still more omnipresent.

If he did a map of Alaska it would be pretty dark. Fairly low infestation of Starblechs in the Last Frontier also.

Looks to be a hole in the Everglades down in Fl that lacks the golden arch. Poor pythons, no Mickey D's for you...

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