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October 20, 2009


A judge has ruled that working in a bowling alley is not community service.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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If this is three strikes for him, he can only pin his hopes on a merciful judge who will spare him further punishment.

Gutter ball, dude.

He was framed.

Have you guys ever smelled those shoes??

There's a guy on Fringe who works in a bowling alley...

I love that guy, Allen. He knows his chit.

The Judge gave him a choice of a week in jail, or ten months probation. It's called the "Seven - Ten Split".

He's got balls.

And he has to hit the Reset button on his community service.

Even if he doesn't roll on Shabbat? (anyone . . .?)

The form was signed by the bowling alley’s general manager, Bill O’Rourke, who is barred from being at the alley during operating hours because he is charged with child molestation in Pima County Superior Court.

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves...

I have a pair of fit flops and feel they are most comfortable to wear. I wasn't sure if they actually toned my leg muscles, until i put on my knee high boots for the first time in ages. When i was pulling up the zip, i was amazed at how quick the zip pulled up. Normally i would have to hold the zip together and push my skin inside the boot. I was so shocked to see i have lost some fat in my calf area, which i always wanted to happen. I would say the claim to tone legs is true, as i have seen the results.

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