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October 29, 2009


(Thanks to MartiniShark, unless this has been blogged before)


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Those Belgian cops are really on their toes.

Jeff said I should mention that I sent this in on Tuesday. At least he only took what he needed.

i think i sent this late last week. of course, the guy didnt have a leg to stand on.
i'll stop now.

After being caught red-footed he won't have a leg to stand on when it comes to trial.

At least the police was not stumped this time.

I can understand his problem, though. Shoes cost .... well, you know....

Hey that's profiling!

The suspect is claiming that a one-armed man is the real crook.

When authorities asked if he'd like to accompany them, the amputee responded: "Wood Eye???"

I did send it in, cindy (on Monday - ;). But I can't remember if it was blogged or not.

And I used the same headline.

It was a singular crime.

You all sent this in but I was a step ahead!

Jeff, you know what's coming....


We'll give this one to Sharkie this time since, you know, he's usually a little 'slow'. Now if he drank Miller Lite he wouldn't have that problem.

As an immigrant coming into the justice system, authorities will probably just give him the boot.

He must have sold his sole to the Devil.

If I drank ML I'd be typing with my forehead from being doubled over by gastric distress.

So he called his one-legged wife from jail, and said Look, Peg...

One side fits all. All hopped up on Mary Janes.

If he gets a good lawyer, he'll probably walk.

heneed a new weapon for the one-legged butt kicking contest

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