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October 28, 2009


Be on the lookout for man seeking employment and/or money from the cash register, whichever comes first.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"The man, whose description was sketchy, ... "

Was he one of the two masterminds from Iowa, maybe?

"dude, where's my taco?"

"oh man, i forgot"

"well go back and get it"

"umm...how 'bout some fries?"

Wanted to be sure the employees wouldn't laugh place was under control before he asked for a job?

Sometimes my description feels sketchy....

Judge: " ...And for the crime of attempted robbery, I sentence you to... two years of working at Taco Bell. " ( sound of gavel )

Then he asked my friend if he could haverstraw.

I wonder what his references would say...

Then he asked my friend if he could haverstraw.

Posted by: Leetie | October 28, 2009 at 02:35 PM

To which she replied, "No! This is the last straw!

Ouch! My back!

The police will have to use a sketch artist.

Of course I wouldn't hire him. His current position was that of robber and he left without getting any money.

What the hell kind of reference is that?

Just trying to prove how trustworthy he was. So honest he couldn't rob a Taco Bell.


First you ask for the job, then you rob the place, numbnuts!

After this he probably tried to rob a bank using a note he wrote on his own deposit slip.

He wasn't trying to rob the store; he just wanted one of them revolver lines of credit.

He should put on his resume that he's a real people person and he is good at taking advantage of opportunities for advancement. He doesn't have to say what kind of advancement. Also his last job involved the legal system and he studied law enforcement.

This perfectly illustrates the need to do your "to-do" list in the proper order. "Ask for job" clearly came before "rob restaurant" but, no, Mr. Confusion got it in the wrong order.

He can work on his food service skills in the prison cafeteria and become really employable.

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