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October 27, 2009


(Thanks to Rick Chandler)


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I hear they took them away in a cardboard box.

♫ La la la la la la ♫ I can't hear you!

I blame the evil clowns.

How are the crippled children going to get around now?

(I'll be busy over here -------------------->
going to Hell)

Catch the liars - Don't let them go!
Falcon puked: To Jail they'll go
Gets no show

That's what we'll all be driving with Cap and Trade.

The police have a suspect in custody. They're trying to get him to fez up.

They took the little toys and left the '65 Mustang???? What the hell's wrong with these people?

how did the guy with no legs get into that car?

Thank heavens they didn't get the Rangers' mowers and brooms!

Aw! That's so sad! My dad is a Shriner, but his clown troop rides little mini motorcycles and, I think, a golf cart... Who would steal from the Shriners? That's really low. So to speak.

I hope they give the perp the 33rd degree.

That's too bad; I hope their plans for their next parade weren't already set in stone.

They're going to have to keep a sharp eye out during the annual Thieves' Parade.

Have they checked the Elks Lodge?? You never know.

I'm more disturbed by the "Jon + Octomom Reality Show" article on the side.

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