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October 30, 2009


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I dunno. If I heard this guy yelling "S P O O N !", I'd probably hit the deck, too.

"I've got a spoon, and I'm not afraid to utensil!"

Love the graphic here:Terrorists Strike U.S. Infrastructure

Ya know what they say...

When they outlaw spoons...

This is starting to get serious...

... "and after being questioned by the police, he was turned over to the Lublin Mental Hospital for psychiatric examination"

or "for detox"


Found the Tick file: spoon!

He had to use a spoon. His bookmarks had been confiscated.

Steve H. - that is awesomely hilarious. They really ladled it on.

well, the geniuses here are preventing me from reading the article.
but, are you sure it was a 'stick' up? you cant eat soup with a stick. it was a spoon up.

"Gimme all of your coffee, use unmarked, non-sequencial beans, and put it in a plain mug and nobody gets stirred!"

He wasn't a very fart smeller, was he

Thank goodness it wasn't a spork.

He wasn't a very fart smeller, was he

Good thing it wasn't a spork. Someone could've gotten hurt.

Great minds think alike don't they bonmot?

Sorry nursecindy. Your post wasn't up yet when I was writing mine.

But great minds do think alike. ;->~

sorry for double post

the slog is blow

Steve, that was great! Thanks.

he was confused about the whole bullion/bouillon issue...

I guess the poor guy couldn't fork over enough money to buy a gun.

I guess the poor guy couldn't fork out enough money for a gun.

No cash for you!

Meanwhile, back at The Golden Kielbasa restaurant, Pietr Grzonic asked the maitre d' to replace a dirty Smith and Wesson.

Oooo, nursecindy! Simultaneous!

Was it good for you, too?

he meant wesson OIL, right?

*snork* @ Steve's link!

That was hysterical!

Yes,yes,oh yesssssssss bonmot! I mean yes it was bonmot.

Gotta smoke? :-)

The bank robber went seeking loot,
But the weapon he carried don't shoot.
When the crowd took his measure,
there went the treasure!
And they mocked him quite roundly to boot!

Mug me with a spoon!

Obviously, this guy is not the sharpest spoon in the block.

I had a little ladle
It's made of stainless steel
But when I left my gun home
How foolish I did feel

Oh ladle, ladle, ladle
I tried to rob a store
But when they saw my ladle
They laughed me out the door

Maybe he could use it to play Russian Borscht Roulette.

was he charged with assault and cutlery?

A Polish ginger. Might explain a lot if I were into ethnic stereotypes. But then we can't have that here.

Now if this had happened in England, and the perp were what women consider attractive, we could be asking if the Dish ran away with the spoon.

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