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October 22, 2009


The Skullet

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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I'm . . . speechless.

!! SNORK !! @ aLIEn SkuLLeT
All your skullets are belong to us.

My Cherokee ancestors laugh at your "new-fangled" hairdoos.

Those poor men. Their fashion sense seem to have melted and is draining out the back of their skulls.

If I was married to a guy that had hair like some of those... well, let's just say he would have to sleep sometime and then my scissors would come out and take care of the problem.

*changes nursecindy's name to Delilah*



Listen, bald guys - just because you grow it long, it doesn't really mean you have "more" hair.

Under no circumstances should my brother see those pictures. He would be the forced skullet type.

Every time I see one of those guys with the bald top & the ponytail I say much the same as Punkin up there. But these 'do's? Damn, that makes the other look slightly less awful.

cindy, you'd never marry a guy with that hairdo...would you?

NASCAR fanage at its finest!

In a word, alarming charming.

Jeff, no way! I never thought I'd see a men's hairstyle that made the combover look good. poorrichard, watch it! NASCAR fan here.

On the plus side, it does give you something to hold onto while slamming their heads repeatedly against a wall.....

Kind of like a handle.

On the plus side, it does give you something to hold onto while you're repeatedly slamming their heads into a wall....

Kind of like a handle.

Sorry for the double post.... The robot must be on the warpath again.

We all know this was inevitable. As the harcore fans of the original mullets slowly seccumb to male pattern balledness, they would cling in desperation to the their last strands of "cool".

ps: i had an accurate replica of the 'bowie' in '83 but by '85 i had joined the human race

The classic mullet does seem to be making a come back in pro football.

Well, mullets do allow ease of recognition when your entire head is covered by a football helmet. That way everyone knows that linebacker, the one who looks really stupid, that one is YOU. You can't do that with a buzz cut, and mohawk + football helmet = mother of all helmet hair.

Everything old is new again. Hari Krishna wannabes.

Ted needs a new hairstyle. This'll be FABULOUS!


Sorry in advance, but I can't resist! What does NASCAR stand for?

I agree, Siouxie.. perfect for Ted....



Sorry in advance, but I can't resist! What does NASCAR stand for?

I understand that it's all the rage in Pittsburgh.

Ok, running a bit behind here. It should be pointed out that if you're shaving your head and exposing the skull, you're pressing way too hard.

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