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October 28, 2009


Sword DC leetie oct09

It's LEETIE! Cardboard-free.


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The Ghost of Strumpets Past is back, and looking good!

Hi Leetie...where did you find those guys?

The REAL Leetie??? Wow. I thought she was like the Easter Bunny or somethin'...... ;)

where are your coconuts, Leets?
* revs up Geezer bus *

And obviously taken with a real crap cam. Or did you just photoshop that picture judi? Does Leetie really exist?

Ya'll look great. I don't see any bruises on Dave or Ridley so I assume they are getting along in the car. I'm so glad to see the blog today. My power cord to my laptop shorted out and I had to go buy a new one. I was LOST without my computer!! I just hope nobody saw me cry,kiss it, and tell it I was going to make if better when I plugged it in to it's new power adapter.

Hey, Leetie, you look even better in 3 dimensions!

i have her coconuts


I thought she was taller.

wow, the crappier the camera, the better you guys look!

(not you leetie, you look good in focus too)

JU - then Leetie has your penguin thong?

yes. i am not allowed to wear it anymore. and she plays with her coconuts much less now than when she first got them.


Crapcam! I was making rabbit ears behind Dave's head.

(I touched the Swordmobile!)

hmmm...how can we be sure that's the real Leetie head?

Leeeeeeeetiewoot!! :) Nice to see just a bit more than your head for once!

wait. that sounds dirty.


I have a crisp and clear version of the pic. Must have needed lots of compression before posting here.

Is it Leetie or is it Memorex™?

It was pretty crappy focus-wise, but otherwise, you can't go wrong with Leetie plus Dave in a (rarely seen) blue shirt.

Looking good Blueshirt. Lucky unemployed people. (Including the Blog and Sidekick.) I was sorely tempted to ditch for the do. Too damn responsible. Have to do something about that.

I may not be Miss Responsibility, but last time I checked, I was still employed. I should prolly check that again...



Leetie! You look much better than that cardboard head.

Your head looks much better on a body than on a stick.

Leetie! Dave always said you had a big head on your shoulders. Personally, I think he is wrong....

How's the band?

Does that mean I can't bring the giant Leetie head to the San Jose signing on Sunday?!?!?

Higgy! Can we get a new Higglet pic posted promptly, please?

Higglet pic might be posted after Sunday's booksigning. Can you believe it's almost been 4 years since THIS picture was taken?

Higgy, DO YOU HAVE IT?????

PB, the band is defunct. Another unfortunate drummer incident.

Leetie: But did your amps go up to 11?

Higgy: That picture of Owen and Dave still cracks me up! What does he know about Dave that we don't? His eyes are up to something.....

Of course I have it. Can't let a perfectly good giant-Leetie head go to waste!

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