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October 20, 2009


We think we blogged this already, but just in case...

(Thanks to Frances Willard)


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Braised Fresh Dave?? Wait till the end of the strumpet tour.

We can't have it on Shaturday?

No Ridley? Bummer.

Do you get wafers with it?

Better Shunde style than no style at all.

Braise the Dave and pass the spammunition!

Braised Fresh Dave -->
Beer Ravished Fads ... in Shunde style

I'm not sure which picture is Braised Fresh Dave, so I can't be sure if it comes in a blue-shirt wrapper or not.

Can you get it . . . with cheese?

I just go in and order the "Blue shirt special".

"Beer ravished fads"? Glad you cleared that up. Thanks.

Brazen Dave? You hussy.

Blah ! Comics taste funny.

If you don't like the Dave we can give you shitty beef <\a>

"We think we blogged this already, but just in case..."

Either way, judi will be fired.

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