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October 24, 2009


Troy police said a 58-year-old staffer at an AT&T customer service center was eating a garlicky salad at his desk Oct. 13 when he heard the 53-year-old man in the cubicle next to his grumbling about the smell.The salad eater, from Birmingham, Mich., looked up just as an aerosol can rose over the cubicle divider, and he was sprayed in the eyes with disinfectant.

We can picture judi doing this.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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i completely and utterly object to this base mischaracterization of my character. i would NEVER spray any stinky disinfectant crap ANYWHERE. that sh**s worse than any salad.

what i might do is hold up a sign over the top of the divider, with an arrow pointing down, that says "You are mistaken. I am not a vampire."

Fresh scent mace.

Much more clever Judy.
I, however, would have considered maybe holding a lighted match to the spray while aiming it.
And then decided against it. Outloud, so he could hear.

*swaps out y for i.* Sorry Judi.

Without intervention, I see this inevitably escalating to a tragic end involving kim chee.

our sweet little judi, do such a thing? never! ;)

i would so do that too. the woman on the other side of my cubicle is so noisy that i have to wear headphones and try to listen to music rather than her yakking with a zillion relatives. she doesnt work in my same unit, and her boss doesnt care how much noise goes on. the inventor of the cubicle needs to be ...........killed.

Garlic salad is tolerable if it's not tooo crunchy. Certain kinds of seafood, however....

Maybe they need some superior firepower.

I guess I'm lucky in that I've never had a cubicle. I've always had an office with a nice door on it. My daughter has a cubicle though and some of the things that go on in the ones around her are unbelievable. Do people not realize that cublicle neighbors can hear you?

queensbee: Believe it or not, the guy who made the open office popular in the U.S. was Frank Lloyd Wright. Sadly for you, he's already dead.

Do people not realize that cublicle neighbors can hear you?

Posted by: nursecindy | October 24, 2009 at 01:41 PM

cindy, I'm afraid the answer is, most of the offenders do not give a sh!t about the rest of us.

We were on the express bus to the city today when a woman got a cell phone call, which she answered, on speakerphone, and listened to a recorded pitch from her credit card company!

I mean, WTFBBQ?!

Worked in a cube 20 years before I started teaching. Thanks to decent long-term memory, good hearing and bad neighbors I can still recall the names of three OB/GYN procedures and my boss's mistress.

For a while before I retired I was regarded as a "short timer" (Only six years left! Yeah!) and my "office" was a desk in the copier and supply hall. This made me very cautious about eating or drinking or otherwise emitting potentially offensive odors. I never knew who might be right behind me.
This was made worse because I was the only man in an office full of women. Everyone knows that nothing worse than perfume ever comes from a woman.
Men have been known to brag after clearing out the whole room.

I could so see judi doing that (the sign, that is).

There is someone in my office who re-heats corpses for lunch once a week in the microwave. I never use that microwave.

I can see this happening on The Office. I imagine Creed would be the one doing the spraying.

SNORK at Suzy Q! For more interesting office banter overheard within the cubicles, go to http://www.overheardintheoffice.com/. Perhaps someone can linky it for me?

i saw this other website www.cubicletimes.com that talks about how to deal with some stuff in the office. simple site, but it's got some good insights and funny stuff.

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