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October 21, 2009


Police are looking for a clumsy, rude, bald thief who tipped over a barrel of grease while trying to defecate in it, while immortalizing himself on a security camera.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Here's to hoping they catch the weirdo.


But is he single? nursecindy Inquiring minds wanna know.

Lard ass.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ford, that's excellent. :D

Looks like someone from Night of the Living Dead.

They WANT to find him? I would only want to know where he is just to make sure I avoid him.

If the authorities catch him, it could be a quick trial. Just find him guilty and say, "I sentence you to a life of being you. No parole."

Maybe he was taking those pills that give you an oily discharge and he was just trying to dispose of it properly? Maybe not.

Bio-diesel, indeed.

This is why doctors urge you not to eat grease.

That Olestra is bad stuff on the pipes, I tell ya!

This dolt had his drawers around his ankles and the best description is "bald with gloves"? All they need to do is stake out the scrap-yards and look for the dolt with grease stains on his ass.

I was sorta hoping it was hot grease...

Diva! I only wanted to know because Siouxie asked me.


world's longest skid marks?

Whatever happened to classy thieves? Ya know, the ones who dress in tight black sweaters, steal only diamonds and art, and leave a single red rose as a calling card. Why don't we hear more stories about those guys (and gals)?

So he gave the cops the slip? Maybe he ain't so dumb after all.

"you wanted me to be a catburglar? i thought you said fatburglar!"

A slick caper.

He must have gotten his pizza to go.

NEVER try ripping off ANYBODY after a burrito lunch. Personal experience. Enough said.

*wonders exactly what happened after he shaved his head and went to sleep last night*

I'm doing something every day. It saves a lot of money. It has been nich hypnotized and I have to do it.

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