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October 23, 2009


Man robbed of money and chicken

(Thanks to collins69s)


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That's one way to run a-fowl of the law.

Damn, that's cold, robbing a man's dinner.

Easier than holding up the KFC, I guess.

i hope they get food poisoning, creepos!

This is a sad world if you can't even go get dinner without some nut job robbing you. I hope they choke on a chicken bone.

At least they stopped at robbery, unlike these people.

obs, you killed the thread. ><

Once, I saw a stranger running out the door of my house, as I drove up the driveway. I called the police and we both looked through the house to see if anything was missing. Something was; A frozen chicken from the freezer. The police asked, while filing out the form they had, if I could identify my chicken. I laughed and said yeah, I put my social security number on it.

ken you should have said, " Yes it was a chicken and it was frozen."

Take my cock and pullet.

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