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October 28, 2009


And a definite possibility for Halloween.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hurry, cindy!! I think they may be single!!

I think they're a little young, Siouxie - NTTAWWT, of course.

I did think the caption under the pictures got it right: one appears to be trying out for a Kiss tribute act, the other just wants to make it look like he can grow a beard.

it's batman and wolfman!

Too bad the getaway car they'd drawn wouldn't start.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol was involved:

The pair have been charged with second-degree attempted burglary, and McNelly has also been charged with driving while intoxicated.

*SMACKS* Jeff for calling cindy a cougar!!

'...the suspects appeared to be wearing holsters'

*wonders if they drew their weapons*

"I'm not bad .... I'm just drawn that way."

Hey Siouxie, they're 20 and 23.

Define 'cougar' in a way that doesn't fit.


They were drawn to a life of crime.

Sounds sketchy to me.

Bad tats gone bad. Mile Tyson wannbees. Got 'em, at the Sharpie Image.

They're marked men.

they don't have a Flair for disguise, do they?

But it worked so well for Gene Wilder in Silver Streak!

Botch Cassidy and the Sundunce Kid

For trustf8 @ 12:15 and Clankazoid @ 2:34 -- HAR!

These two idiot crooks should be hauled off to the Pen.

I double *SMACKED* Jeff earlier and it isn't showing up so another *DOUBLE SMACK* to Jeff. And thank you Siouxie. Since neither of us has reached our 30th birthday's yet I cannot imagine why Jeff would think someone of our age would be considered a cougar do you?

Not the brightest markers in the packet......

I had to come back and look at the pictures one more time. This makes me laaaaaaaaugh!

I'm drawing the line on bad puns here.

From this thread, it is clear that they used pun-cils.

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