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October 20, 2009


It's cooterrific!

Key Inducement: The excitement will begin Friday evening in downtown Inverness with two live bands, the Mighty Mongos and Lucky Penny, as well as the Miss Cooter pageant. Admission is free, and attendees are advised to bring a picnic table and be ready to dance.

On the table?

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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If it goes by state, I'll vote for Miss Idaho.

"Present to greet fans and sign autographs will be Lee Wilkeson, musician and son of Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Leon Wilkeson; Gene Odom, childhood friend of the bandmates and head of security for Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Rolling Stones; Marlene Wilkeson Lusk, sister of bassist Leon; and Mitch Simmons, musician and nephew of bassist Wilkeson."

Ooo, I'd better get in line now!

I remember apostolic cooters featuring in a Carl Hiiasen novel. I think it was "Lucky You".

They want a Miss Cooter who looks like Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard?

*giggle* *snort* *muffled laughter*
When I lived in the South, a "cooter" was a euphemism for a small kitty, IYKWIM AITYD.

Telecomdropout - I do know what you mean, and let me tell you that I was very disappointed to learn that this festival was not celebrating what I had hoped thought it might be celebrating.

Damn it all when you don't get the closing specified properly.

I do know what you mean, and trust me I was very disappointed to learn that this festival wasn't celebrating those "small kitties".

What the cooter is going on here? What'd I do? Did I mess up the blog with the messed up strike tag?

Did this fix it?

"Attendees are advised to bring a picnic table..." Really, the whole table? Not just a picnic basket?

It's fine now.

And maybe we all have dirty minds (I know, maybe?) but add me to the 'small kitty' brigade.

*arrives huffing & puffing with picnic table over shoulders*

Okay, *heave, pant*...where do you boys want it???

Why're y'all looking at me funny?

Punkin, there ain't no good answer to that question.

I think it was that last *heave* that put their eyes out, Punkin !

*looks around picnic table for Blogit guy's eyes*

*Pssst, Punkin - you might want to re-snap your blouse*

My BFF is sure special. Her cooter pants.

The Mighty Mongos !
Featuring their hit single, "Mongo Just Pawn in Game of Life!

Are those box turtles under your sweater or are you just the cooter queen.

And just what kind of crown will they use for their "Miss Cooter" ??

Ok - clearly, this has gotten to me ...


Apparently, the box turtles go in the pants.

I thought they were talking about turtles. Of course I'm very naive, :)

A prickly one???



"If you don't have a partner, grab a wooden picnic table..."

I expect to see Wynona

Hmmmm... I wonder what you could get for $ 40 in Reno ?

Janet Reno? For $40, probably several sessions. And lots of change.

....maybe find some lost keys...a sock or two...Jimmy Hoffa...

Area Gentlemen's Club: Hooters and Cooters

I wonder what they do for the talent competition.

I heard the last winner snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, though it was a tight contest...and I think Punkin knows where we want it!

Uh, the table...

Freshly braised Dave with berry sauce.

To be honest, I a thought a Haute Cooture was the in thing now a days???

OH, trust me, Pannus, my cooter is HOT!

Ok........must recalibrate morals for morning family blog talk.

Ummm...Howdy "Cooter Pants." *Tips hat*

I don't think Jet Blue will allow me to bring a picnic table on the flight, But I did print directions to get there. i want to paint the saints on the back of the cooters.

*waves cooter @ Hammie*

Awww... That's the cutest cooter I've seen today.

Cute Cooters would be a good name for an all girl band.

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