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October 11, 2009


Here I am relaxing backstage after the show with Mr. Steve Martin's dog, Wally.



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Awwww! You should've brought Lucy.

Thought: If Dave is in NC and Michelle is in South America, is Lucy babysitting Sophie?

I'll bet Wally would really appreciate it if you introduced him to Walter.

no, no! must not say this.

Dave is lying next to Mr. Steve Martin's Wally.

Aww, sweet doggy.

Good morning!!

Cute doggy!! Are those his vitamins on the floor?? Are those Steve Martin's feet?? No crapcam pics of Mr. Martin?? Where's my coffee?

Ok..back to sleep.

Siouxie - that little white cylinder is a handy-dandy roll of plastic poop bags.

Go back to sleep.

I hope Mrs. Blog made it out of Honduras in one piece after the US victory there last night.


I thought his name was S#ithead.

I understand that Wally is like ordinary dogs, not at all stuck up, whatever you might have heard to the contrary on ET.

Sweet-looking dog. I wonder who he's named after -- Wally Cleaver? Wallace Beery, Jr.?

according to his twitter account, wally hates squirrels and likes dave...

This pic, plus the tray of forks next to the salad in the last one, brings back disturbing hints of a suppressed memory of an early SM routine called something like "20 things you can do to your dog with a fork."

Does poor Wally need a therapist?

I don't remember seeing Wally in the show last night. Whew! I've got to cut back on those non-alcoholic, diet, caffeine free, drinks.

"Wally"? 30 years of professional creative expression and he names his dog "Wally"? Dave, tell him I expect more out of a guy I once paid SIX DOLLARS to see. Well, Steve Goodman was with him, but still...

I have a lab that looks just like Wally except she's a girl. Her name is... Daisy. I think it's appropriate. Labs are your blue collar dogs. Anything you do is fine with them. Very laid back, gentle dogs. Not good guard dogs. If a burglar broke in they would be like, "Yep that's a computer. Almost new! Take it. lick,lick, lick, snore."

ummmmmmmmmm, did dave leave the barn door open?

ps cindy -- once you take all the caffeine, alcohol, and sugar out of a beverage, what's left? Sounds like you're risking the inadvertent ingestion of dihydrous monoxide! Beware!

Now, there's a GQ cover if ever there was one!...DAVE BARRY...saving dogs from drugs, one dog at a time...send donations to nurse cindy, and by the way, Suitcoast by Armani

Dave is definitely enjoying hanging around with Mr. Steve Martin. Or is he recruiting for RBR ?

FOR ALL BLOGLITS! ACT NOW! I sent Judi an article from the Charlotte Observer about the show last night and they MISSPELLED Dave's last name! They called him Dave Berry. Here is the copy of the article. Look at page 11. The author of this article's email address is here. I've already sent him a blistering email about this and thought if he heard from all of us he would never make this mistake again. IMHO this is heresy.

Sorry. That last link didn't work. Here is his email address: jwillhelm@charlotteobserver.com

"Now, there's a GQ cover if ever there was one!"

Now that you mention magazines, novanglus, Dave's pose reminds me of Burt Reynolds' (not so) famous reclination from Playgirl.

nursecindy - don't worry!

I have just sent a VERY nasty email to that writer. I hope it does not offend you all, but here it is:

I represent a small but weak contingent of fanatic geeks who stalk, I mean, worship our leader - Dave BARRY, King of the Geeks!

To misspell his name is blaspemeousity! BEWARE! We will band together and think VERY negative, though non-violent, thoughts about you! FEEL OUR WRATH!

Have a super day! :)


I'm sorry I was harsh, but it needed to be said.

"Blaspemeousity" --- ha ha ha; I love it!

Does your dug baht...?

I'll bet he wouldn't have the gall to misspell Steve Maltin's name.

Perfect Punkin. You're right. Sometimes we have to be a little mean to get our point across. I also sent a very strong email and pointed out to him that Dave was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a well known author. I know it was a Pulitzer Prize but if this guy can't even spell his name he will never know.

I know we're supposed to think non violent thoughts about this guy that misspelled Dave's name but I hope he gets a very nasty paper cut on his finger. I'm not proud of feeling that way.

I clicked on the first link, but the story about Dave didn't seem to be there.

My World Champion Jaguars are down, 13-0, to the Seahawks. This is merely a polite gesture offered by the clearly superior Jacksonville team. Meanwhile, Denver is wearing funny socks and uniforms; they look like the Denver Mashed Potatoes, so they will probably lose to New England.

Dave, if you lie down with dogs, you'll get fleas.

OK, 20 to 0. My bad, I didn't realize how polite my World Champion Jags were going to be to their hosts.

Awwwwwwwww, what a sweet doggy!

The article has corrected Dave's name. VICTORY!

OK, 41-0 is beyond polite and brushing up against obsequious. It is now time for my World Champion Jaguars to...go get a beer. Please.

Maybe I shouldn't hve made fun of Denver's socks?

CJ - to NOT make fun of Denvers socks would have been SO wrong. You did good. No matter the cost.

Anybody here watching the Colts?

Hey Punky, today as I was picking out our two slightly oversized but perfectly matched Halloween pumpkins, with smooth skin and firm, perky stems I thought of you because... well, because they're pumpkins, right?

It sure ain't because their orange....

Hmmmmm. cindy's SMACK button must be out of commission.

Dave...Have that shot made into a poster immediately! Dave Barry RECLINING with Steve Martin's incredibly mellow dog: what more could a girl want on her bedroom wall???


I was going to be nice but... *SMACKS* padraig and mtb. Betsy I agree with you 100%. It would be even better if he was wearing a kilt.

I just noticed Dave is going to be on Craig Ferguson's show on November 3rd. I really think he should take Judi with him for this appearance.

I just noticed that Dave is going to be in my home town while I am going to be 3000 miles away in Massachusetts...

Wally bark, Wally bark
Oh Wally Wally bark,...

CJ, you can make fun of Denver's socks. I'm sure they won't wear them again.

gotta be tough to be a Jags fan this year, eh?

Standing by for the crap cam photo of Mr. Steve Martin's bunny ears.

Jan! Are you coming to visit? Do you need a tour guide? I can show you the famous Wang Theatre where Dave and that banjo guy performed.

Sigh. BC, BoSox, and Pats.
Time to go look at some foliage.

A Peeping (not)Sherly?

Yes, MtB. Doing the pumpkin (notPunkin), leaf peeping, hiking thing in honor of Columbus.

Yeah....doing the Punkin thing is SO over rated!

That's not what Dr. Poo says.

Poor Punkin. Blog guys Punkin has a brain! Her eyes are up above her neck. Show some respect! Also after looking at the picture of Dave a couple of dozen times, I wonder if Mr. Steve Martin made him walk Wally? Afterall Wally is wearing a leash and there (not they're) are pooper scooper bags next to them. Just curious.

I'd pay to see either Dave or Steve picking up poop.

Butt, I bet they each have "people" who do that for them. Pick up, not poop.

If Dave is coming to the Pasadena bookstore (Vroman's) in early November, any other Left-Coasters planning on attending?

Punkin has eyes?

If Dave is coming to the Pasadena bookstore (Vroman's) in early November, any other Left-Coasters planning on attending?
I could!

What's Dave's jacket made of, Teflon? When I get within a mile of my daughter's dogs, I turn into a caveman wearing fur. Dave is wearing a very dark jacket next to a very light-colored dog. He must be an amazing man, as if his fans didn't know that already.

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