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October 24, 2009


You need this.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I notice one of the attachments is a carabiner so you can hang it off your belt. Good idea.

I have a shirt with a photo of a multi-purpose knife much like this, except that shirt also contains an anchor, a shovel and a barbecue grill. The title beneath the shirt says, "It's a guy thing." I've worn the shirt around so frequently that it now has a hole in it, which I've sealed over with a tiny piece of duct tape.

Now, I wear the shirt around even more proudly, as the duct tape makes it, even more of a guy thing.

You mean the belt around your car, pad? BTW, I love my Leatherman and five pocket knives. Guilty of carrying three at once.

Just what I wanted for Christmas! A Swiss Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps/National Guard/Coast Guard/Militia/Border Patrol/State Trooper/County Sheriff/Town Marshall/Security Guard/Boy Scout/Girl Scout/Cub Scout knife.

Richard Dean Anderson just suffered a hernia.

I hope that kid that took the Boy Scout camping spoon to school doesn't see this.

The Giant Knife.

You can't be too prepared.

i'm guessing Dave, that this will go on your famous Christmas gift list....

No wi-fi? Sheesh. Get it right, people.

Is it bluetooth enabled?

That's OK at the airport as long as it's in a clear one-quart resealable plastic bag, right?


We're going to need a bigger pocket.

I think Jack Bauer could defeat the entire Chinese army with one of these!

Now that's a knife!

--Mick Dundee

A Swiss friend told me that in WWII, "Swiss Army Knives" were issued to the women in the army. The men got hunting knives.

Got one. Belt broke and pants fell off. Proved I'm a man.

*throws away toolbox and places order*

Where's the pocket machete??

And, most importantly...does it come in pink??

A little pink nail polish would fix that up, Siouxie. Hmm... does it have that, too?

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