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October 24, 2009


Charmin will be offering the lucrative, holiday employment to five outgoing people who will work in the company's Times Square restrooms this holiday season.


They're holding "open auditions."

(Thanks to Elissa)


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*wonders what the auditions will require.*

Imagine being turned down for this job.

Wait Charmin has bathrooms? Talk about cornering the market!

*Will squat until she gets this job - let's all begin a movement!*

But is two-and-fiftieth street in Flushing?

I thought my job was sh*tty...

$10,000.00??? Where do I go?

If you have to ask that question, nc, then you're not qualified.

We had the honor of using the Charmin Thrones this past new year's day (just bcuz it was about the ONLY PLACE to GO in Times Square!). A 20 minute line, just to use the loo. The 'enthusiastic employees' were all a bit light in the loafers, IYKWIM,NTTAWWT, but they were a bit TOO 'enthusiastic'...

Perfect seasonal employment for Larry Craig, now that he's out of the Senate.


Please don't squeeze the vermin.

People who are outgoing in public restrooms generally end up in courtrooms.

dolphan72: yes, they've had these in Times Square the last couple of years with, as pointed out, rather enthusiastic helpers.

I doubt any real New Yorker uses them, except possibly homeless ones, but they are clean and free and convenient.

"Enjoy the go?"

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