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October 23, 2009


We have a problem.

(Thanks to Patrick)


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After he gets the job, he should go buy a mitsubishi

or she



I'm sending the job opening to mudstuffin. ^_^

Good thing the workplace is the wild blue yonder.

What's wrong with AFFART? Just askin'

anyone notice the professor's name sTITh?

Well, ICBM.

Tash, actually it's AFFARTP. You people are soooo silly!

We don't have an acronym problem, we have an acronym opportunity.

Don't see anything wrong with PAAFFARTP


i didn't do it.

Nice shart, mud. Ew.

Is that anything like NASA's Program Offering Orbital Training?

i work for the gov'mnt. we gots lots a acronyms. i make up some of them. i try to make sure they spell out a pronounceable clean word. i wish i could do otherwise.

when i was in graduate school in the previous century, i was president of grad student govt and had to sit on lots of committees. we also created some. my favorite was: Committee to Review All Procedures. nobody saw that one!! ha!! we tried to get the F-word as an acronym, but were found out.....

I have co-workers who are two of the universe's top police "sketch" artists. (they really hate that word) Well, they're pretty good at least. For holiday presents a few years ago I had t-shirts made up for their unit.


It took our Chief a few months to actually get the joke, and then said that she would allow them only if she got a t-shirt for herself.

Did you notice the job requires a Master's degree? Who knew there was a Master FARTer?... *G*

Also, would the Mitsubishi contender be a Stealth Ninja FARTer?

Sounds like a degree in Political Correctness is needed by the applicant....

and in a Red State??



Earlier in my career, I had the privilege of setting up an organizational structure for a team that was to be in charge of decomissioning a nuclear power plant; my task included formalizing, for official submittal to our regulators, the working titles of the top members of the team. I had a very good relationship with the team leader, who welcomed with howls of delight the proposed title of Sh0reham Plant Resident Manager. The regulators blessed it and, so, for the duration of the project, I reported to the SPRM.

I used to work for a VP at my bank. She was very confused when she sent out a new report and I immediately started cracking up. Her Trends and Analysis report, which she had named the T & A report, was very popular.

Sounds as popular as the Texas Women's Angler Tournament.

If there are any Illini alumuni:

The Florida Avenue Residences (FAR) were originally named the Florida Avenue Residence Towers. Original advertisement for the U of I campus encouraged prospective students to investigate these towers. Amazingly, these dorms are located near the veterinary school.

Illini alumni will do as well.

A friend got a grant for a field research project involving both government and NGO personnel. Some government workers already had the official title of "Senior Biologist," so he designated himself as the "Senior Oversight Biologist" to clarify the hierarchy.

Two of my favorites are these:

FASGROLIA -- the FASt-GROwing Language of Initialisms and Acronyms

bringing us to ETMOTA -- Explain The Meaning Of This Acronym

Take that, you [edited] bot!

So does the family fart together or does he just make sure the paper work is in order?

Geezer alert- About ten years ago the brains at work were advertising the Just In Time inventory program. They hung up these large JIT posters everywhere. They couldn't understand why us old timers were laughing our a$$es off.

As a diplomat, Father Jrun was once posted with the snake eaters at Fort Bragg. For excercises, the name they assigned him was, "Amb. U. Lance Chaser."

Roger that.

I can give a presentation on the hazards of bicycle riding on the base golf course. Hint: It has something to do with MPs.

Dunno what's so surprising about this. Where else would you expect a FART director, if not at the AIR Force?

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