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October 24, 2009


A Bulgarian man is caught smuggling a chihuahua.


(Thanks to Catherine and DavCat)

"Smuggling a chihuahua" sounds like slang for something really obscene.


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"Smuggling the Chihuahua" WBAGNFAEuphemism.

I think that dog may have a cavity in his right canine.

Hide the wiener dog is a better game.

Gee, Toto, it looks like we're not in Bulgaria anymore.

Note to self: read entire post by Dave before making comment.

Poor doggie. I do admire how it stood so still and was quiet. If that were my chihuahua the bag would have been jumping around and they would have heard her little, shrill, never ending yaps from inside of it.

nursecindy - after a few million (insert unit of radiation measurement here), it's just cooked to perfection!


Yo quiero 8 oz. zip-lock baggie.

Really Rad. When I worked radiation safety we got rid of hot dogs all the time.

Actually, I think that's a MinPin rather than a Chihuahua (speaking as the owner of four MinPins). Not that it matters.....

Why smuggle a chihuahua when you can smuggle my Great Dane, eh ladies?


Stupid. He should have smuggled it strapped to his leg like any other critter.

It's been my experience that when a man says "Great Dane Smuggler", what he really means is "would you like to pet my miniture Dachshund"?

Lairbo, my problem was readint too fast.

I thought it said Snuggling a Chihuahua, a whole different euphemism.

Apparently, you type too fast too, Jeffiepoo ;-P

If a guy is smuggling a chihuahua, I'm not interested (iycmd).

X-Ray Security Technician - "Is that a Chihuahua in your package or are you just glad to see me?"

At least it wasn't a dachshund, or else he would have been asked about his weiner.

"The Chihuahua Smugglers" would be a GREAT name for a rock band.

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