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October 23, 2009


Karaoke bar marks 25,000th 'My Way'

Regrets? They've had a few.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Oh, the humanity!

What about "Feelings, oh oh oh feelings."?

After a few beverages, I usually convince myself that I can sing one of the many "made for Kareoke" ballads from Boston.

Sometimes flowers are appropriate; sometimes cluster munitons.

Hide Saito, owner of Smash Hits karaoke bar is now being recruited by Gitmo.

Alternate snarky title for this post: Now the Bastards are Using Sinatra.

One way of another, I'm gonna getchya, getchya, getchya.

but evidently not too few to mention...

*would only allow 5 people to sing 'bohemian rhapsody' if they performed it simultaneously*

At the Copa! Copacabana!

*SMACKS* wiredog. If it were MacArthur Park and I were him I would close the bar. I hate that song. Who leaves a cake out in the rain? Also Bohemian Rhapsody is a classic. If they ruin it throw them out.

Mem'ry, all alone in the moonlight.........(gunshot)

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