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September 25, 2009


Extreme Pogo

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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"Pogo artist aims to widen hobby's appeal"

Hmmm. Zombie Walt Kelly?

Wow! Super pogo. I didn't think that they still made those. I used to have a pogo stick.

Gee, Dave every time I post a comment a piece of art work shows up but doesn't stay there when I close down and then return. It's different.

I'll catch this one on the rebound.

Is this our pogo here on the blog? I could do the going down the stairs thing the video showed but it wouldn't be on purpose.

Speaking of pogo, I'd have expected him to weigh in on this thread...particularly on your comment on pogo sticks, Theresa!

Able to clear eight foot of air on his stick

Yeah. Right, pal. I'm guessing he drives a Hummer or a Beemer. IYKWIM


So "heavy duty rubber bands" (which WBAGNFARB) are the steroids for pogo sticks???


*quickly closes the link*

if my 16 year old (typical socal skateboarding hood rat) son sees this, i'm gonna have dents in my car.

Hey, Churchy, hold my beer and watch this!

I can't try this. For some reason, my driveway is full of squirrels.

I loved me some Pogo back long ago. Seems appropriate. Still have the Pogo books I bought back in the 60s and 70s.

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