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September 18, 2009


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Round and round and round she goes...

That's how roustabouts are born.

(Roustabouts are guys who work on oil rigs.)

Looks like it would need a splash guard for the spectators.

Yikes! Fig. 1 makes it look like the mom is being crucified.

The OB doesn't need a catcher's mitt. The net (item 88 in the drawings) catches the very dizzy newborn.

(Roustabouts are guys who work on oil rigs.)

Posted by: bonmot | September 18, 2009 at 01:11 PM

Also on circuses - as I learned from watching DUmbo with my kids.


People who hate women and children shouldn't go into the OB/Gyn field.

Pushin' roulette?

Why are they pulling her face apart?

Channel your favorite Ferris Bueller scene here and think about...

"Hey batah-batah-batah-batah...Sah-wiiiiiinnngggg batah-batah!"

Cameron Frye

That's the contraption used to birth super-sperm babies.

Allen they are pulling her face apart so she will not feel the pain going on down below. I had natural childbirth and was a little moody during the process. They would have needed to knock me completely out to even get me close to this thing during that process. There would probably have been casualties.

Wonder if the inventor ever found someone to try to prototype? *shudder*

Giving birth was uncomfortable enough in a bed that didn't spin.

A better alternative wuz described by RAH ... of course he used artifical gravity in a spaceship ... but ... no dizzying side-effects ...

Honey, I guess we won't need that trebuchet, after all!

Honey, I guess we won't need that trebuchet, after all!

Just a thought but instead of putting the mother to be in this what about putting the father to be in it? It would have gotten my mind off the labor pains. Especially if they spin it really, really fast.

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