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September 27, 2009


Cow dung cremations catch on in Bihar

(Thanks to Talph)


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Mango is too good for him!! Bring out the dung!!

(Must be said: What a sh!tty way to go)

Exactly what I was thinking Punkin. btw, are we the only bloggers awake?

I'm awake, cindy. Can't believe Dave didn't mention that Cow Dung Cremation WBAGNFARB.

I guess the rest of the bloggers went to church.

Don't rush me, cindy.... I'm getting there.

I'm working on getting out of bed to get my coffee, cindy. It may take a while.

The baby woke me at 6:40. Yes, that's A.M.

Otherwise I would still be under the covers.

Then he had the nerve to fall back to sleep at 9am. But by then the damamge was done.

I think I hear him snickering in his sleep.

Nice to see that Joy Bihar of "The View" has had something fitting named for her.

Come on baby, light my piles

Seems a little bit disrespectful to me. We Yabloovians cremate our dead in empty Barcalounger boxes, force wet hyenas to roll in the ashes and then set their tails on fire. Naturally this is accompanied by dignified organ music and the howling of terrified monkeys.

Don't anyone light up anything anywhere near a cow or cow-like object.

Who makes cow dung cremation logs? Now there's a "new economy" job that's picking up steam(ers).

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