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September 30, 2009


Providing us with new ways to offend people since 1994.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and a bunch of other highly offended, or possibly offensive, people)


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WTF? Why would you change? People definitely would remember that one. I liked the father's line on Modern Family last week. He said WTF stands for "why the face".


I wonder if padraig had something to do with this.

Oh well, you know TFW!

(Those Funny Wisconsonites)

What a lost opportunity. They could have made a fortune selling t-shirts with the logo. And, their annual picnic could have been the WTFBBQ. What a shame.

Charlie Pierce will be so disappointed.

I was once associated with a corporate matter wherein a lawyer had annotated a client's memo with "We need a CYA memo to go with this". This annotated memo was part of a stack of evidence in a lawsuit, and the judge reviewing this annotated memo asked (with a smirk) if the lawyer involved would clarify for the record what he meant by "a CYA memo".

The lawyer, straight faced, said it was a "Call Your Attention" memo.

The judge, with a scoffing snork-y sound, then wrote "WTF?" on the evidence copy and handed it to the court clerk, but not without allowing the lawyer to see it. The lawyer, smirking, asked the judge to clarify his WTF notation. The judge responded "What's This For?".

Oh, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

I remember driving into Wisconsin back in 1979 thinking it was amusing. These logos were at rest area and information center signs, among others.

Of course, the environmental lab where I "work" has to deal with its own. Watershed-based plans combine river data and capacities to assess pollutant parameters. I swear some dufus called it the Combined River Assessment Plan, and it was thereafter gleefully acronym-ized as CRAP.

Lairbo, that would have been GREAT. I now have to create a company and name it WTF. :D

They missed an internet savvy workaround:
Federation of Tourism in Wisconson or FTW.

(For The Win)

I think it's what you say AFTER you've seen Wisconsin--WTF?!

Must be one heck of a tourist board, us locals have never even heard of it. If I had I'd probably have bought a bunch of their t-shirts. We love us our acronyms up here, like FIB, GBTI, and TBSS, right Diva?

I guess this will give the Kyrgzstan Motoring Association some food for thought.

Our N.C. tourist board's main goal is to convince people we don't all talk like Gomer Pyle. It's acronym is GAG. Go Away Gomer.

The side linked article is priceless. On the effect of turning OGC on it's side:
"..and it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.”


Someone down here in the South of Texas (I refuse to concede that only France has a "South of") tried to organize the "Texas Women's Angler Tournament".

A-hem. It was changed to the Texas Ladies Angler Tournament.

There were only two things cool about Wisconsin. One was the weather and now they've changed the other.

The University of North Texas has a radio station. It's call letters are KNTU. That seems strange because the school is NOT named North Texas University. The "U" seems out of place in the call letters.

Manatee, I was down there in the late '80's when they changed the name from "North Texas State University" to "University of North Texas." My roommate made the same observation: "They'd better be careful what they name the radio station..." It only took me 1/2 second before I started cracking up!!!

"I think it's what you say AFTER you've seen Wisconsin--WTF?!"

Hey! I live in Wisconsin, and I find your comment.... well... pretty accurate....

Hey Bonmot, I heard that Sam Houston Institute of Technology changed its name to Rice. Is that true?


When a new electric trolley line neared completion here in Seattle, word got out that it was going to be called the South Lake Union Trolley. The much-hated Mayor got up and said that was never the name, someone had made it up, and it was changed pronto. But we still howl about it...

I"m all kinds of LTTP, and nobody will ever read this, but WTF (heh), I'll post it anyway:

Manatee, I was down there in the late '80's when they changed the name from "North Texas State University" to "University of North Texas." My roommate made the same observation: "They'd better be careful what they name the radio station..." It only took me 1/2 second before I started cracking up!!!

frodo, we must have been in school together, because I attended UNT at the time of the school's name change and did the morning show for a number of years. I can't tell you how tired we KNTU staffers got of people asking us if the station's name was going to change (and even more odd was the fact that everyone who cracked that joke seemed to think that they were the first person to figure that out).

BTW, KNTU turns 40 years old a week from today!

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