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September 25, 2009


A STRIPPER wearing nothing but a parka flashed an Adelaide city parking inspector after becoming annoyed that he had just written her a ticket.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I've never had a ticket. Speeding, parking or otherwise. One time I 'accidentally' unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my shirt before the nice Highway Patrolman got to my car window. It was a wardrobe malfunction. Then I told him I was lost and cried a little. He ended up telling me he was sorry, not to cry, and gave me directions. I was 2 miles away from my house. He never even asked for my license. In fact I've done that a couple of times. Works every time.

How grotesque must the strippers in Adelaide be for flashing to be a punishment?

Nursecindy, there's some job openings in Australia if this medicine thing doesn't work out.

A "fine job"--Har!

I'm gonna have to try that one.

If anyone needs me, I'm off buying a parka.

If you put a quarter in the parka meter, will she let you park in her space a little longer?

Good one Annie! Siouxie raincoats work too. Or so I've been told.


Crying for cops doesn't work for guys. And forget the plunging shirt line. NTTAWWT.

So I've heard, nursecindy. But next time don't use this kind.
(warning - NSFW)

Annie -- that was not suitable for anywhere!

Cindy: Part of me wants to say, "Oh, come on. Do you think guys are so stupid that something like that really works?"

But then I think what it's like when I'm talking to my wife and she's changing or getting into the shower. I literally lose the ability to form complete sentences. I'm almost 40 years old, but apparently I'll always be 15 in that regard...

UGH! Annie!!!

One Friday evening, about 7:00 p.m., I was finally leaving the office after a brutal week of work.

I may or may not have run a red light.

When the officer asked for my driver's license and proof of insurance, I said,

"Look, officer. In the last hour I've had my ass chewed by my boss, and my ass chewed by a client. And I'm fixin' to get my ass chewed by my ex-wife for being late to my son's Little League game. So if you're trying to decide between another ass chewing and a ticket, please, just give me the ticket."

He thought about it for about three seconds and said, "Sir, you're free to go."

Bless him.

Siouxie, where are you going to find a parka in Florida?

bonmot, beautiful story. An inspiration to us all.

LOL good one, bonmot!

umm....good question, dog.

"I’ve always thought I’m firm..."

Well of course you're firm, what with strippers flashin' you all the time. I'd be pretty firm myself. (No spider venom required, thank you very much).

My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She can buy one on the internet wiredog. Although I don't find this one particularly sexy.

This woman did not think this through entirely. She flashed him after he wrote the ticket? I'd keep writing if I was this guy.

Sooo, did he slide the ticket into her garter?

Did he thank her?

Much preferred to the bird.

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