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September 25, 2009


Now the bastards are using turkeys.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hint to reporters: If you have to put your "pun" in "quotes", it probably isn't very funny...

They didn't say where in NJ this happened.

I'm guessing Tom's River.

My grandmother wouldn't have been afraid. She would have shot them and Thanksgiving would have come early. Turkey for everybody.

THAT's terrorizing?? Cityfolk are well, chickens.

Wild Turkey is delicious!

The birds are pretty good, too.

What, no one in Jersey is tough enough to kill a turkey? Don't people in Jersey have guns?

Man, I wish some of those birds would show up here. I'd have roast turkey for dinner.

My mom grew up on a turkey farm. She would skip the gun and wring their little necks.

One of the articles had the headline, "turkeys attack Indians," which was kind of amusing after seeing the video.

It was Cherry Hill, bonmot.

Wild Turkey Attack WBAGNFA cocktail, of course.

"[Psssst: Jeff. (Male turkeys are called 'toms')]."

"Uh, no occif - er, officer, I haven't been drinking. I was attacked by Wild Turkey - it's been all over the news, that's why I was all over the road."

I live in NJ and there's a turkey farm just a couple of blocks from my house. Haven't seem them loose in the neighborhood though. But have seen lots of turvey vultures.

So, Branfff, roadkill in your neighborhood is a tv dinner?

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