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September 26, 2009


A common problem is finding a spider in the bath. Don’t wash it down the plug. Instead, leave a towel over the side of the bath so that the spider can grip onto the fabric and crawl out.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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And we'll discuss health care reform with it.

And who washes them down the "plug" anyway? Definite squish action.

Kill it. Kill it til it dies!

Useful Predators? Didn't they open for the RBRs?

So they suggest you save it's life and then release it outside so it can be eaten by a bird? Sounds fair.

I just let my cat get it.

This is wrong on so many levels.

1) Wash spider down drain.
2) Empty can of RAID down drain.
3) Exit and lock bathroom door.
4) Burn house down.

I recommend placing the hand, palm up, in front of the spider. Tap it on the hind legs and it will crawl up into your palm. Taking care that it doesn't fall off, the spider can be moved where you want it. Tap it on the legs again and it will crawl off.
Two caveats; know your spiders first and you need confidence to do this well.
Venomous spiders can be handled this way but that's where the confidence comes in.

There was an episode of "Alf" in which Alf sprayed a Melmackian cockroach with Raid, and it grew to about eight-feet long. So, the towel method of dealing with spiders is probably the safe way to go. You never know if it might be a space spider.

Ahem. Hell to the no, as the youngsters say.

This not-so-little arachnid is the identical twin of the vicious beast that got me in the shin last summer with its nasty little fangs. Itching, burning, swelling, and red marks for weeks afterwards. Granted, it was outside (one on the deck and one by the pool) and in the Tennessee Smokies, but I have turned to the dark side when it comes to spiders. They. Will. Die.

Guin-- you have it EXACTLY RIGHT!

Steve is a seriously disturbed individual.

I used to hold my first-born cat up to the wall where the spider was and he'd go CHOMP. No messing around. But cats these days, they just watch them, tap them, watch them some more..... I have to find something else to hold up to the wall.

If it's in my house and has more than 4 legs, it's dead. And that's that.

Tash, my dad used to squirt lighter fluid on spiders in the basement and flick his Zippo on them. It's a miracle the house never caught fire. Or that my mother never found out.

Whomp !! Whomp !! Whomp !! ( Checks to see if it's dead. Whomps it a few more times with a tire iron. )

While in most situations I'm happy to deal with the spider in an adult and professional manner (cursing while brushing wildly at hair and clothing), the bath is where I draw the line. Definitely a wash down the plug situation.

Seriously, 'the plug'? Don't they speak English over there?

CatR -- hee hee, there was a post here a while back about someone who DID set their house on fire doing just that.

I have one more thing to add:

Go tell it to the Pope.

@Guin: Excellent link! As is true with many, many things, His Holiness handled himself with more dignity than I could muster. Those white robes would kind of show up an arachnid, wouldn't they?

Anyway, thanks for that link. I'm sending it to a friend of mine at Yale Divinity School.

The leg factor comes into play here.

According to leg factor theory, anything with fewer than two legs (your worms and snakes) or more than six fails the ICK test. There's sort of a cloudy area, 4-6 legs, because you have the occasional ladybug or butterfly to consider-- 4 to 6 legs have to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

But more than six? ICK.

As for centipedes and millipedes, we won't even go there. Clearly excessive, to the point of depravity.

sckeppy, and if it bites me on the leg, it. will. die.

And rightly so, Cat R-- another aspect of leg factor theory. It may be only a theory, but it has practical applications!

Nursecindy, may be. But I can walk through the jungle and not be on edge. Also, I petted a very nice Boa today.

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