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September 29, 2009


Police said the businesses gave about $160,000 in cash to two men in the belief their money would double when soaked in chemicals.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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They say it isn't an offense, but I am very offended.

...but only when you're not looking.

I hate to say it but the people that gave them their money and then didn't watch it kind of deserved what they got. What kind of businessman would be this stupid?

*agrees with Cindy*

Absolutely right on NC. If it's too good to be true...quack, quack, quack.

Hey, it worked. The guys running the scam doubled their money.

I think those Aussies have spent too much time in the sun.

Sounds like there's some bull loose down under, too.

The best way to double your money is to fold it and put it in your pocket.

Then some rich woman will mistake the "fold" for something else and voila - you're a rich boy toy.

the businessmen must have been soaking in chemicals to believe this!

Another case of the coming global dumbing

Pssst, people of the blog. By some great fortune I have acquired some of this magic chemical. Please send your money to NotSherly at my typepad account.

NotSherly - you're supposed to put the chemical on the money, not sniff it.

Does this chemical double the size of anything? Siouxie wants to know.

Hah! MY chemical TRIPLES your money!!

revealed the chemical formula as bleach, baby powder and hair spray.

Shoot... if this was true, I would have been rich back in the 60's instead of feeding us all Kraft dinner every night.

Washington is already dealing with toxic assets, so why not?

wow. these geniuses didn't check the serial number on the "new" $100 bill?

A fool and his money...are soon fodder for the Blog.

I blame our nation's schools. If those scammers had gotten a quality education, they would have used the tried-and-true ponzi scheme instead of this laughable scheme. Or possibly hired themselves as "business consultants". Either-or.

'Course, the business owners should be slapped several times and made to sit in a corner. Sheesh....alchemy didn't translate lead into gold in the bad-old-days, and it won't today either.

So what business were they in that they actually MADE that much money and were still that gullible?

Was the victim that guy who charged people $25 a pop to punch and kick him?

Post-concussion syndrome is the only explanation I can think of.

*snork* at blog fodder.
And thank goodness for it.

Sort of o/t butt:
Has anyone else noticed that we get something on the blog, discuss it in an intelligent and fair manner and then a couple of days later it's on several of the major news networks and late night shows? I wonder if we're being watched...
Okay, back o/t.

I work with a business partner that, back in the early 80's, invested in an oil well that hadn't yet been built. He still refers to that transaction as his $50,000 tuition to the school of Hard Knocks.

Sad to say, this is a variant of one of the oldest confidence tricks on the books. Con men in the past used a "duplicating" box that did the same trick. In fact, it was the basis of "Dragnet" script about 50 years ago. Dum da dum dum, indeed.

NCindy, I have noticed this also. I find I already know the answers on NPR's 'Wait Wait Don't Tell me' radio show when it airs on the weekend.

cindy...I know *I'm* being watched.

*goes back to hiding*

This scam is actually over 50 years old. I didn't think anyone was still dumb enough to fall for it.

Elon, it's an oldie, but goodie:

Just when you think you've idiot proofed something, they go and invent better idiots.

I have mixed feelings about this. The scammers should go to jail. No doubt about that. But the scammees are dumber than rocks and are bound to lose the money in some way or another.
"This" says the guy who buys one lottery ticket each week.

Siouxie we won't let anything happen to you. btw, I think it's great your extremely jealous boyfriend has decided to give up professional boxing and concentrate on his professional weight lifting so he can spend more time with you and your 6 children. iycmd.

And Siouxie? Is it true that you've doubled the size of your pit-bull breeding operation? Congratulations! Just don't let any of them fall into the moat, where the crocodiles can get them.

nc - is he the former explosives expert from the CIA? Same guy, right?

Yes he is mtb! They had to let him go because he didn't have enough fear and he scared the terrorists too much. Betsy I think Siouxie expanded that moat last spring. She had to because the Pit Bulls kept trying to eat the croc's.

Does he still do guillotine repairs on the side?

Is that the same guy she broke her machete on??

That's him, Layz. She was upset with him for kicking Chuck Norris' butt.

Layzee, it was a tragic accident, butt...he forgave me.

Oh and btw...did I mention that my sister's name is Lorena???


Kind of sad what she did to John isn't it Siouxie butt it was either her or you and your machete which you had repaired. btw, I LOVE the new 3 foot blade you had put on. It's so shiny! Really sharp.

How are his doctoral studies coming along for the toxicology degree, Siouxie?

cindy - I used to see all of Dave's material on Leno anywhere from 1-4 nights later. Funny, that, eh? I always figured the writers dropped by here for fodder. Occasionally I'd hear a oneliner that bore GREAT resemblance to something said by Dave or one of the blogits, also. You gotsta be wary in this media-savvy world!

Also, a year or so ago we all turned in some guy who kept posting Dave's (and some of the other bloggits') original material verbatim on other boards claiming it as his own. Blatant plagiarism is MUCH easier to spot with the advances on the internet.

I thought Siouxie was dating this guy.

NSherl...that's my bodyguard.


Looks like those guys "down under" need to have more "up top". Stooopids.

♫ If I'll be your bodyguard
You can be my long lost pal
I can call you Siouxie
and Siouxie when you call me
you can call me Al ♪

Yes, you're being watched. :)


shaddup LOL

If I am patient will stupid people give me money for nothing too?

Siouxie, as long as your tin foil hat is in place, you're (not yore) safe!

Speaking of which (the your/yore thing), we saw a restaurant yesterday advertising "Kid's Eat Free."

And today we saw "Bocs" pears on sale.

I think we really need remedial English teachers.

Wonder if those chemicals will increase the size on anyone's brain.

OF not ON. *sheesh* obviously not working here.

Which brain, Jan? Because I've been told there are some sure-fire brain-enhancement products for men that women whisper and smile about...

I think the dupees were already soaked in chemicals. aka "alcohol may have been involved".

Can I have their email addresses? I have a bridge, some Nigerian investments and a Ponzi or two I need to unload.

Jeff, I was watching one of those tribal shows the other night and they had subtitles. One of them said, "Whose going to be in charge?"

I almost put my foot through the TV.

Siouxie, one of the water moccasins escaped from your moat, if you hadn't already noticed...

frodo...you mean my anaconda??

Oh dear...

Maybe that's what it was, Siouxie- I just noticed the crocs aren't as scared as usual...

"Police said that despite attempting to produce fake currency, the business owners had not committed an offence."

Obviously, gross stupidity is not a crime in Australia.

Soaked In Chemicals WBAGNFARB

At last we discover the REAL reason for the global financial meltdown.
I wonder if the two guys also claimed to be Nigerian Royalty and needed help moving their money out of the country?

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