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September 02, 2009


An important breakwind breakthrough from Cornell.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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The hotter a fart, the faster it spreads. “It beeps faster if it’s a high ranker, and a voice rates it on a scale of zero to nine,” he says. “If it ranks a nine, a fan comes on to blow it away. It even records the noise so you can play it back later.”


Where can I get one?

Jeff, this may be an item that requires the spouse's approval prior to purchase. I don't know your wife but being a woman also I can almost assure you the answer will be no. The answer could possibly be followed by an eyeroll.


The contraption could even have use outside of fraternity houses
Those guys are going to be the next Google.

The Cornell Engineering College is 72% male; I'm betting these guys couldn't get dates. Besides, the thing is clunky -- I'll wait until TAAFT.

Where was Joseph Pujols when they needed to test this?

I'm with Ralph.

I smell a Nobel Prize here. Or was that you?

Did you say you were going to the frat house or the fart house?

I think I'll pass on this one.....whut?

I would like to get behind this invention, but won't.

“It’s hard to fart something really smelly on command,”

Obviously has never had a teenage son.

Highest reading on the machine: " Obi Wan grabs his forehead ".

(whistles innocently)

They need to add a farter recognition program and then install them on elevators.

Yeah, they ought to have the death penalty for someone who farts on an elevator and leaves. If they could get someone to claim it.
We were in an ice cream store in Gatlinburg once when a bunch of high school age kids came in. One of them cleared out the store. It was easy to ID the culprit because he was the only one laughing.

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