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September 28, 2009


Unfortunately, our strict policy against making fun of names prohibits us from bringing you the retail update from Houston.

(Thanks to Peter Metyerinko)


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Key sentence we don't see very often, fortunately;
At Cova, a high-end wine shop, owner Monsterville Horton IV watched the confluence of three Cats gouging out the intersection of Kirby and Quenby, where traffic alternately stopped and lurched forward.

the FOURTH ?

You mean three Mommas before his thought Monsterville was an acceptable name ?

Whoever names their kid after a Dr. Seuss character?

Did some Googling and found that the Wall St. Journal did a review of unique wine stores and listed his Houston store:

"The wine experience Mr. Horton offers has many features including a wine boot camp — 32 hours of intensive study and tasting — and progressive dinners. Mr. Horton says that for the progressive dinners, participants ride “a rock-star motor coach the size of a Greyhound bus.” Over six hours, usually from 6 p.m. to midnight, the diners visit three or four of the “finest restaurants in the area” and sample a dozen to 20 wines with carefully paired dishes."

Hahaha....Jennifer Latson.


I did like the way they just tossed out "Monsterville Horton IV" without comment or even a "WTFBBQ? was your mother thinking?"

I also found this:

Monsterville comes from the Bay Area originally, having landed himself in Houston after traveling there to visit a sister (he's got 12 siblings).

That figures.

Ever met any of those hippieish parents who don't name their kid permanently, and say they're going to let the child choose a name for himself?

Monsterville apparently made his choice at age, oh, I'd guess 4 1/2.

I don't get it. What's the big deal ?

Oh, I thought you meant "track hoe." Kinda like "street slut," but with more money invested in hardware.

I just hate it when hoes move into a neighborhood and businesses suffer.

And they were BACK hoes, too, Punky. (shudder)

Hey, at least the mommas spelled the name correctly.

When he's asleep he's a Monsterville in bed :-P

I live about 5 minutes away from there. It's a nice wine bar, monsters or no.

Maybe if his name wasn't so scary. Something like, Monsterville Smith the IV.

I did my first bold word! I would try italics but too many of you have broken the blog with that one.

A name only a mother could love.

Didn't Stephen King write Monsterville?

Didn't Stephen King write Monsterville?

As long as you remember to close them, cindy (as some of us geezers occasionally forget to do) you're (not your) OK.

I want to know if he hatched an egg or moved from Whoville.

Layzee and Siouxie are just showing off. And I didn't even break the blog! Or did I? Just kidding.

who moi showing off??? That is so right ridiculous, cindy.

Just look at the hoes here --
Hoes south and hoes north --
Cried wine merchant Monsterville
Horton the Fourth.

Probably he pronounces it something like Montrel and takes all the fun out of it.

spicesea, I think Monsterville sleeps UNDER the bed...

lol yes that's true, too! ;-)

*snork* @ eilebeck.

It's refreshing to see parents just GO for it. Name your kid what you will. Pay no attention to the sane people in the world.
He's probably a nice guy but he is bound to have parent issues.

Wasn't there a song about this guy?

I for one, found Betsy's rhyme, hilarious!

Fast Eddie...You are obviously a gentleman of taste and discernment.

*dips a curtsey*

I wish my momma had thought of such a nice name.

His cousin is Throat Warbler Mangrove...

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