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September 26, 2009


The Yankees are sending a gift package to a Baldwinsville fourth-grader who was told by a teacher he had to wear his Yankee’s shirt inside out.


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Hooray!! Mascot for life! He might as well quit school now.

I wonder what the Sox will send the teacher?

Superintendent: "From a district perspective, we would never support something like that."

Reporter: "Is that singing coming from one of your classrooms?"

Superintendent: "Shhhhh! I love this part."

"He said we must be fair today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama"

It's a game, people.

Probably the Chupacabra that is going on display in Oswego.

The guy is a teacher (supposedly). Do you really think his behavior was appropriate?

Jeff - No. His actions were inappropriate.

He should also have made the kid write "A-Rod is an A-hole" 100 times.


The line between "dumb move" and "capital crime" seems to have blurred considerably since I was a pigtailed schoolgirl. And the civil rights we (and the lawyers) were worried about involved folks being turned away from polling places, and/or lynched.

Whatever happened to apologies?

Maybe it's all just a big misundertanding and the shirt had food stains on it. I knew some guys in college who would turn their shirts inside out to get another day's wear out of them.

Just sayin'.

Monday the rest of the class should show up with Yankee apparel on. Free gift packages for everyone !

The first rule of child rearing is to not reinforce bad behavior. This poor kid is doomed to growing up and becoming a lawyer or something equally despicable.

Cat - That was underwear we reversed to get another day's wear.

It's one thing to suppress partisan political displays in public-financed schools. It can hardly be extended to suppressing of sports teams.

Wouldn't it be cool if the kid got a visit from Jeter during school.

The kid is now dating Madonna.

BTW, for for pack saddle. Obviously, the teacher is an idiot. Although that link is to Fox, I think it is fair. Myself, I make certain younguns know that their teachers barely made it into college (lowest SATs, on average, every single year, every single college). I've actually had a youngun ask me, what we were going to do when the flood came, because he was forced to watch the idiot Gore's presentation of propoganda, prepared by fake scientists, paid for by George Soros.

Don't Tancredo with me, Bloglits, on this issue, or any other that involves indoctrinating kids with stupid, pretend, science. I know vastly more than you do about the subject and I'm tired of being nice, just because you are dumbasses about math, chemistry, and physics. Send your hateful responses to the idiots that promulgate that fake crap that is used to scare people, not me. I can personally walk you through the issues that are actually scary and will not tolerate some brain-dead @sshole misinforming my friends, family, or the children around me. You are my friends. No misinformation allowed. I have several hours of driving ahead of me, just now, to go pick up my Baby that believes some of this crap, butt I love her and cut her a break. I do not cut people that are dumb, and biased, getting anywhere near a child that I love, any slack.

End rant. Sorry, I won't be here to respond to any disagreements; I have three counties to drive across to go rescue crossgirl, and bring her home.

During which, I will be listening to her youngest chatter and my Gators play football.

*Slides a beer down the bar to CJrun*

Just imagine what would have happened if the kid had shown up wearing an Orioles Shirt. Man, the teacher would really have been threatened by that!


Looks like we are going to have to take up a collection to send you off for some self assertiveness training. You obviously have difficulty in communicating your true feelings about people.

You might want to study Al Gore. He managed to flunk out of divinity school, but is now a world recognized scientist who received a Nobel Prize based on his landmark scientific findings. Just think what a wonderful world this would be if all those students wasting their time studying science in colleges and universities all around the world would just quit college and start preaching the gospel according to Albert the Enlightened.

snork @ CJ "Don't Tancredo with me."

I come here for humor.

Please keep any and all ranting to yourselves.

We are all intelligent enough to form our own conclusions on these issues. And guess what? The conclusions I reach may not be the same conclusion someone else reaches. And that's ok.

Butt - we must all agree the Yankees Suck.

The End.

I always agree with Punkin. Especially now. She and Siouxie are my heroes. In fact I want to be just like them when I grow up.

Sigh. I am ashamed that there are such sucky teachers who make us all look bad. Every day I go into the classroom, fighting the good fight, trying to teach critical thinking and balance, and then I see something like this...

I mean, yeah, I hate the Yankees as much as the rest of the planet, but come on!

Oh, and I want to buy a big honkin' beer for CJ.

*adds another *snork* @ CJ's Tancredo*

I agree to disagree with some people and that is JUST FINE with me!!! Butt..yeah...keep it funny ;-P

BFF, after the Marlins, I'm a Red Sox gal!

Thanks to many of you above who responded quite lightly with a request to hold the rants. I know a few weeks ago a couple people felt personally hurt by a couple of rants. I'm a teacher too, and I'll just say, not to excuse this guy (see previous thread), but with the pay scale, the personal venom from parents, and the public venom we've endured for the 30 years I've been teaching, who do you think is going to teach your kids? And I got a 760 on math, and I'm an artist, thank you very much.

And I don't hate any team... I mean, as a life-long Twins fan, what choice do I have?

*snork* @ Tash. Lots of anti-fans here, sadly. Bosux fans are just frustrated. I understand. As a Yankee fan, I don't hate the Bosux. Not worth my time or effort.

Butt I will smack Punkin and Auntie M just 'cuz I know they like it.

btw - in the 8th, it's 3-0 Yankees. *Smooch!*

Is there a clever emoticon to indicate sweeping away rants, clearing the air, and passing cooling beverages around to all?

- - - - - - - -
My, hasn't this heat (cold/damp/drought) been just AWful???

I still love you, BFF.

nursecindy - be careful what you wish for! Siouxie and I will always walk kinda funny.

And Annie - if I can't say anything nice.....

*cricket chirp*

Oh, and have we all indoctrinated our children against the flu?

Heya, Betsy - I got yer emoticon right here.

Annie - NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Eye bleach please!!!! And group hugs. After the beverages.

Just let me say that I thought CJ was way out of line.

/end opinion

"Way out of line" WBAGNFARB.

Wow it's raining cats and dogs here! In fact I just went outside and stepped in a poodle! Attempting to lighten the mood. Seriously, all of ya'll are great. I've had some health problems lately but I always feel better when I visit the blog. Thank you for all the laughs.

suddenly, becoming a yankees fan has become a real possibility.

Wow. How impressive, CJ. You know it all, don't you? We bow before you.....

Well, believe it or not, I don't honestly care what you think about politics or any other hot-button issues. I came here after a long day, too. I wanted some laughs, and the opportunity to give some if I had it in me. Instead, I get to read some foolish bombast from a usually intelligent person who declares his opinion, declares the absolute rightness of that opinion, and concludes by declaring an unwillingness to listen to any response that might be forthcoming, because he knows it all, and that is that. You, sir, are a walking warning that ignorance can coexist with intellect. Firmness of opinions is a respectable thing, but obnoxious declaration of superiority is not. It's a democratic (small "d") society, here included - get over it.

This is harsh, and I'm sorry about that. I normally try to be careful here, and hold my virtual tongue when I see someone setting off the idiotic, ugly cycle of rant and counter-rant. And, normally, I would say something like this behind the scenes to the person involved instead of publicly. But enough is enough, and a public flogging is more than deserved.

My apologies to Dave, Judi and all other bloggers.

And responses are welcome, here or privately.


Well as a Canadian, I am not that passionate about baseball. I mean, it's OK, but it is not hockey...

But I really think that Meanie and CJ should really figuratively shake hands and make up.

This is, after all, supposed to be a humour blog (excuse the extra "u"...that is how we spell it in Canada...

Annie, honey, you're heart is always in the right place; and thank you SO much for tryin' so hard to divert us all, regardless of the consequences...

Now, would anyone like another of these homemade angel kisses? It's my great-grandma's recipe.

Oh, look! Is that a lightnin' bug?!?

...am thinking it's not so fun here anymore. *leaving now*

So nobody liked my poodle joke? I stole it from Steve Martin! I only steal from the best. If I promise not to tell that joke again will you come back Mary and anybody else that's left us? Please? I have a great one about a South Carolina Highway Patrolman and a New York Lawyer.

*Grabs an angel kiss from Betsy*


Who put that lightnin' bug in there??

*Back from a wine fest at the local German club here in Miami where I drank, not wine, butt good German beer*

*offers the boys some beer*

Good stuff!

I liked the poodle joke.

Starting in about 3 more weeks, this kid will have the entire post-season, playoff season, and off-season to play with his package (?), like any other Yankees fan.

Go Dodgers!!!!

Thanks Tash.

Oh, Good lord! I was going to hold my tongue, but I can't any longer. That comment just took it too far. I DEMAND you take it back! This is 'Merica and there is no "u" in humor! warblgarblfrll!!

Just curious but what's the difference between a lightening bug and a firefly?

lightening bugs take themselves quite seriously when they go out at night: they wear fancy clothes & flashy jewelry and are followed everywhere by paparazzi who are constantly taking flash photographs of them

fireflies on the other hand are much more laid back and fun - they're the jokers, the smokers and the midnight tokers

oh wait, there is a "u" in humor.

Never mind.

This blog is great in so many ways.
Yesterday, with my own hands, I folded a fitted sheet.

Congrats NS. You can learn a lot from this blog. The firefly/lightening bug thing above is a good example. Who knew that this was a lightening bug and that this was a firefly?

a couple of points.

first: "steinbrenner's yankees" can be re-arranged to spell "intense beery rankness"

second: i've known cj to go off like this. i've seen it before; twice, on other blogs. i've seen him receive public floggings before; gave him one myself. i saved him from a lynch mob once, too. i thought he might have learned something from those interactions. apparently not. (hey ceej, remember that one about "the definition of insanity"?)

my advice is to y'all is to back away slowly. try to avoid eye contact.

Always nice to be called a dumbass. Even nicer to be in the presence of the world's smartest man ...at least in his mind. I now know what the run stands for in CJrun ...his mouth!

Hey, CJ? If we wanted your opinion, on anything, we would have asked you for it. Some of us have been here, reading this blog, long before your attempts to ruin it. Please, take this as a kind hint to cease posting your "rants" against whatever demons you may have, real or imagined? The key word here is "humor blog".

Butt - we must all agree the Yankees Suck.

The End.

Posted by: Punkin | September 26, 2009 at 06:04 PM

Well, they won the AL East yesterday with the best record in baseball, 100 games won. Just sayin'.

Well, I've been reading for a long time, too. And I've had so much enjoyment from y'alls comments, that if CJ or Meanie or Souxie or anyone needs to let off some steam, I say they deserve it. I can pass out grains of salt to any who need it....

**Tosses an "i" up to Siouxie's name** sorry

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