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September 25, 2009


It's personal.

(Thanks to Jonathan)


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The teacher has Red Sox stuff all over the classroom? Whatever happened to educational stuff all over the classroom? Hope the Sox are hiring. I believe somebody is going to be looking for a job.

If I were the kid I would have asked him, "Who's five frickin' games behind???" GO YANKS!!!!

What a maroon. Now the kid will be a Yankees fan forever. Poor kid.

and cue the lawyers.

What nc said. Students learn what the priorities are.

It's hard for me to take a side on this because I hate the Yankees and Red Sox with equal passion.

It's a darned good thing this wasn't one of Annie's boys. I think we'd still be feeling the aftereffects of the quake.

All true Sox are White. The White Sox were Sox while the Boston (AL) were still simply Americans. And don't get me started on theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees.

I like the comment that the parents should send the kid to school head to toe in Yankee gear everyday. I hate the Yankees (Go Dodgers), but wearing NY shirts make them easy to identify before they open their mouths.

Now that the President is no longer in the classrooms we can focus on the important educational issues.

There is no place for this baseball nonsense in our schools. Hockey is one week away after all.

It's a darned good thing this wasn't one of Annie's boys. I think we'd still be feeling the aftereffects of the quake.

Don't forget the mushroom cloud, Diva.

I blame the parents. Raising a Yankee fan is just wrong. Oh and Layzeeboy. Dont worry we will meet in the post season and will be more than happy to have a repeat of 2004.

Y'all know where I stand.

On the RIGHT side.

That is all.

I'm with Scott. A pox on both their ballparks.

Get rid of that designated hitter nonsense; then we'll talk.

A teacher rooting for a team that can't properly spell their own name? Sad.

I grew up a Yankees fan, and still want them to kick "Sox" butt, but baseball has lost its lustre for me. Greed, performance-enhancing chemicals, self-centered personalities. Too many A-Rods, not enough Jeters.

6-3 Yanks...bottom of the 6th. Hate 'em if you want, but Steinbrenner was great to me personally, donating $ to my college and treating my team with respect. I've seen a lot of other owners take their money and run.
now 7-3 Yankees.

Oh yeah stinkin yankees

I'm a Cubs fan. Somebody has to be.

Poor Cubbies just never change, do they cindy?

I guess Joba's @ss kicking in the manager's office finally paid off. He was a different - and way better - pitcher last night.

Maybe someone should remind the teacher how many World Series the Yankees have won...what is it now, 26? And how many have the Red Sox won, hmmmm?

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