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September 29, 2009


...for the Tweeting Ugandan Gorillas.

(Thanks to nursecindy)

And in other gorilla news:

Man in gorilla costume mistaken for actual gorilla

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Eyewitless testimony is not reliable.

Wasn't the second one a scene from Trading Places?...

What is a gorilla going to tweet about?
I'm eating another banana. Hot she-ape at 3 o'clock. Now I'm beating my chest. Sort of sounds like your typical teenage boy doesn't it?

From the friendagorilla.org site from the first article...

The name Gorilla is derived from the Greek word Gorillai meaning hairy women

cindy, we were in a restaurant yesterday eating lunch. Three women were sitting next to us and one was texting non-stop the entire meal.

But then, her friend had one of those things that look like steel balls sticking out of her nose. I've always wanted to ask those people what they do when they get a cold or have to sneeze.

But I digress....

On Siouxie's story, the version I sent in had an actual picture of the guy which makes the cops look even stupider.

I mean, real ape or man in a gorilla suit, you make the call.

You don't see many gorillas in sneakers with "Rory" on the chests, maybe two or three at the most.


Those 2 that you do see are your rogue, punk gorillas Jeff. I don't understand some of these piercings either. We had a guy in the ER that had been in a car wreck and was unconscious. When we examined him we noticed that he had several piercings in a very private place iycmd. When he came to the ER doc told him he had good news and bad news. The good news was he was going to be fine. The bad news was while he was knocked out somebody had pierced his d***. He figured that was the ONLY way somebody could get that done.

*snork* at the good news/bad news

Saw 'em warming up for the Monkees in '68. Helluva show.

Nursecindy, it's called a Prince Albert.

I have no idea why.

Hmmmmmmmmm ......

bonmot, I thought Prince Albert was in the can?

He was, Cindy, but while he was in there, somebody put a hole in his pee-pee.

Make that ANOTHER hole...

Alien8, whut were you smoking? .. that was Jimi Hendrix.

You have no idea how many times this has happened to me.

Yeah Allen Trading places. Big monkey love is where it's at.

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