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September 24, 2009


Romantic proposal in S.C. leads to turtle deaths

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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How not to ask her to marry you?
Infant Sea Turtle Massacre

Yeah, THERE'S a good omen for you....

It doesn't say if she accepted the proposal or not. I do not see them telling this story to their future children.

Maybe they'll serve turtle soup at the reception.

The next horror movie franchise: Zombie Mutant Ninja Turtle Revenge, parts one through nine.

"Sea Turtle Massacre," would, of course...

Why do I have what looks like a plasma-sphere icon above my post?

It means you're,not your,special Fax Paladin. And I don't mean 'short bus' special. We all have them.

Didn't Sea Turtle Massacre open for Black Sabbath?

Everyone always focuses on the negative. I'm sure the crab population was elated by this turn of events.

I wouldn't be surprised if they figure out how to light candles themselves from this.

They're just turtles.

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