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September 30, 2009


(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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First to say that maybe he'll be hired by Wall Street.

Or that maybe it'll be too hard to tell him apart from the real lawyers?

Hey, what can you say? This con's a pro.

Good one bonmot.

You heard about the midget fortune-teller who escaped from his fraud trial?

He was a small medium at large.

Send him to Washington!

Send him to Washington!

Paging John Grisham.

They really have to stop showing Three Stooges episodes in the prison rec room. This guy obviously saw the one where the Stooges painted each other's prison uniforms to look like guard uniforms.

Um, except it didn't actually WORK when the Stooges did it...

("sharp-dressed man")
Blue suit, black tie
I look so good that I won't do time!
Shined shoes, new socks
Don't look like a felon, so I gotta walk!
Cops'll come running just as fast as they can
Tackman's not crazy; he's a sharp-dressed man!

Ditch threads, at mom's
(not an accomplice, she don't know what i've done)
Blend with, the crowd
Look GQ enough and you're allowed!
Cops'll come running just as fast as they can
Tackman's not crazy; he's a sharp-dressed man!

Tackman sometimes wore a hat, sunglasses or "a plastic nose" to disguise himself.

Ummmm .... and then he moonwalked out of there?

*snork* @ Meanie and Insom (per usual)

So did he carve the suit out of a piece of soap?

It was the Dave Barry haircut that made his escape possible. His 1983 'do would never have made it.

And from Sweden:

During a daring bank robbery in Sweden that involved a helicopter, the criminals disabled a police helicopter by placing a package with the word "bomb" near the helicopter hangar, thus engaging the full caution/evacuation procedure while they escaped.

excellent, insom!!!

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