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September 11, 2009


(Created by nursecindy)

Reaction from Ridley:


Don't they know I wax my chest?

UPDATE (also from nursecindy): Now this is more realistic.


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bwaahahahahahahahahahahhhhhaaaaa. gotta get the coffee spit take off my monitor.

THAT was outstanding cindy!

I really don't want to get into the strange feelings I had when I saw Dave rubbing his....uhh....well, nevermind.

Urp. That is all.

Nice coconuts, guys.

Great job, cindy!! LOL

Ok...I'm off to the Bahamas for the weekend. Will TRY to forget this visual as I sip on fruity drinks.

See ya all on Monday!

Umm.... Disturbing doesn't even BEGIN to cover what that was.

cindy, you need to stop it now.


Siouxie, have a blast (as if you won't).

We definitely need to see a version with the Hula Squirrel

Not sold in stores.

Siouxie...have a great time! I haven't been there in a while. Always a great time...if I can ever remember what happened.

Don't forget/remember the Goombay Smashes!! And the Bimini bread and the cracked conch and, and, and....
; )


Give Cindy a lifetime free pass. For anything.

*falls off chair, snorking*

Puhleez - bring back the blue shirt!

*snork* Good one two Cindy.

Thanks everyone. I enjoyed making those.

Love the six-pack, Dave!

I'm sorry, but seeing Stephen King like, um, that, will give me nightmares forever.

I bet that's what he planned all along...BRILLIANT!

SNORK @ Cindy

Thanks to nurse Cindy for making my day...and also giving the band some well needed dancing tips.

Missed the Boa though.

those was HILARIOUS. great job, cindy! i'm sending them to everyone ;)

cindy, Queen of Snorks!

I'm definitely adding this to my next PowerPoint presentation. What? it says I can do that.

I made it to the end.

Do I win something?

Like a lifetime supply of eye bleach?

BTW, Judi? Dave AND Ridley both say you're fired.

cindy, you too. Clean out your desk.

love it!!!

I'm glad everybody liked them. padraig, Brian enjoyed the part with the coconuts.

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