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September 28, 2009


But we do have: remote-controlled beetles!

(Thanks to nurscindy)


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As kids we were all led to believe we'd be flying around in jet packs by now.

Who do we see about this?

(Yes the sound that you hear is the g-bus starting up.)

I'd settle for vacationing on the moon.

After all, do you really want Florida drivers in 3D?

So, do they crunch especially loud when stomped on?

Cheesewiz, I sent in a flying jetpack story last week. Unfortunately, they're still a little pricy for most of us.

Ah Dave, but we DO have flying cars:
Flight testing has already been completed- only a Florida driver's license is required.

The fumigator (1:21 - 1:25) was pure comic genius! :-P

wingpup - I find that Florida drivers do not crunch any louder when stepped on than any other driver.

That was one big-ass beetle!

I used to watch the Jetsons all the time when I was a little girl. I got to thinking about it one day and realized we do have a lot of the stuff they had. Like where you can talk to someone on the phone and see them at the same time. I'm waiting for the thing that dresses you in the morning and I want a Rosie Robot that will cook and clean for me. Move over Cheesewiz so I can sit with you on the geezer bus.

Those beetles will never sell until they mount twin lasers on their antennae. Now THEN you will have a PRODUCT!

Note to fellow geezers on the Jetsons sub-blog:

Remember how George Jetson's job consisted of pushing one big button?

That's come true, except they gave us entire keyboards to make it more interesting.

I want Rosie too, cindy. And those funky outfits. Oh and that contraption where you can press a button and your meal is ready.

*jumps on the geezer bus*

*snork* @ my BFF!!

*remembers to turn left signal off on geezer bus*

People, be afraid. Today beetles, tomorrow, remote-controlled squirrels, what next???

And the so-called United nations does nothing.

Be very afraid. Or, it could be fun to remote-control certain people I could name.

Siouxie, isn't that contraption where you just push a button and your meal is ready called a microwave oven?

NC, Pad, and Sio, what about the Jetson contraption that comes down and does your hair in any style? And you can change your mind four or five times a minute. That would be a huge leap for womankind.

*Boards Jetson section of the geezer bus.*

I agree with Tash. The remote-controlled pest be a good idea for meetings and seminars. And Congress.

I thought about that cindy...I want instant choices though.

I want a car that sounds like the spaceships.

As quiet as electric cars are now, one probably could rig up a recording to get the job done.


here's your Rosie the Robot. Especially check the third one down.

I'm surprised at you Allen. I was all prepared to give you a *SMACK* and you didn't need it. However nothing can replace a good nurse with a sunny smile, warm caring attitude, and gentle care. If anyone knows one let me know. I'd like to met him/her.

Jane! Stop this crazy beeeeeeeettttttlllllle!

"Siouxie, isn't that contraption where you just push a button and your meal is ready called a microwave oven?"

No, ladies, it's a husband...

Fat chance, Allen. Actually..it's called a telephone.

Allen...marry me!

Another flying car.

Glad to see it flies with the same control of a beetle under its own power.

Okay, I'm a little late but now I've gotta *SMACK* Allen.

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