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September 25, 2009


Spider Venom for Erectile Dysfunction?

(Thanks to DavCat, who asks where, exactly, the spider would bite)


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I hope the guy that got the ring stuck on his thingie yesterday doesn't see this. Is there a line that men will not cross for this?

The "Brazilian wandering spider".

Its venom is almost as effective at causing priapism as the bite of the Italian Lothario chigger or the Ozzie Outback Ant.

And to answer you directly, nursecindy, uh, NO.

"Researchers from Brazil and the Medical College of Georgia purified a toxin from that spider's venom and tested it in rats and mice."

Oh great, now I've got this picture in my head about rats and mice "wandering" around their cages all erect.

The spider is the Brazilian wandering spider

And what happens when the heretofore afflicted member starts "wandering"? Don't think Mrs. Layzee would buy that excuse.

The key to that WebMD report is the phrase "could be".
In other news, politicians could be honest.

Suddenly it all makes sense, now we know why Spider Man's alter ego was named Peter Parker.

Whatever happened to the Brazilian Long-Legged Supermodel as the cure for erectile dysfunction?

The kiss of the spider woman down there would do wonders.

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