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September 26, 2009


Alcohol may have been involved.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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"A Gilchrist County man accused of driving his car through a fence and into a deputy's concrete block home was charged with DUI."

He has prior convictions for driving into the mayor's straw home and the judge's home of sticks.


Love the mug shot. Is a three day growth of beard mandatory for these photos?

Whitley reportedly told an FHP trooper that he lost control of the minivan while answering a text message on his cell phone.

So, he was drunk and stupid.

What was he texting? Hold my beer and watch this?

He's guilty, no doubt about it. They have concrete evidence against him!

You're kidding, right, Punkin? Shaving would be dangerous on a three-day bender - he might nick himself.

Also, for the blog-gals who might not have seen it, yet: Shoetube!

You can usually spot these guys on the road. Beware!

ScottMGS, the geezers aboard this bus will remember that Shoe-Bootie was Archie Bunker's nickname as a kid. I couldn't find a YouTube clip, but I remember Archie was drunk and shared some of his past with Meathead.

I don't remember that one, Cat. Good one.

This is the closest I remember to shoe bootie: Shipoopi.

Ohhhhh shoes!! Thanks, Scott!!

Thought you might like that, Siouxie.

Cat, I definitely remember Shoe Bootie. It was Archie's nickname as a kid because he was so poor he had to wear one shoe and one boot to school. He told the story to Mike when he was drunk.

Favorite thing on Scott's show site: "The Summer's Must-Have Gladiators."

First of all, it's (IMHO) a totally moronic style.

Second, knowing Siouxie I'd have thought this was the "must-have" Gladiator.


*tosses 'e' and removes 'w' from up there*

Send a text to everyone driving: " If you're reading this message, you're an idiot. "

"Honey, if I asked you once, I asked you a hundred times, don't bring your work home with you."

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